March 27, 2023

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Meshkov took a clean goal from Spartak. It overshadowed all other plots

10 texts by Dmitry Dolgikh to read

10 texts by Dmitry Dolgikh to read


The poster of Spartak – Ural (2:2) is clearly not the most outstanding, but there were plenty of stories before the starting whistle.

This is a nightmarish attendance with Fan ID (a maximum of 6 thousand viewers, and even that may be less ), and an unbeaten run of Ural, and the absence of Sobolev at the start, and Duarte’s debut, and much more.

But even before the game, referee Vitaly Meshkov was in the spotlight – he held the 200th anniversary match in the RPL. Who knew that everything would turn out in the end.

I clearly heard Meshkov’s whistle even before Sobolev’s blow and was immediately embarrassed: “Why, if the whole season they tell us that the judges now allow the episodes to be completed? Well, apparently, I saw super-clearly, I’m sure.

In dynamics, of course, it seemed that Martins was breaking the rules, but on the first repetition everything became clear. Purely!

It is amazing:there would be no questions at all if Meshkov made such a decision before the VAR era. He was not in the best position, and probably from there it seemed to him that everything was obvious.

But nowadays they play for whole minutes after possible violations, so as not to interfere with the game. Where was Meshkov in a hurry? Why did he whistle? How did this even happen to a referee who played 200 matches at this level?

This is not even a controversial episode, but just a stupid mistake. It is clear that Meshkom will be removed, but the already feeble intrigue of chasing Zenit has now been completely killed.

Because of some stupidity.

* * *

And we also had a match where Spartak and Ural showed quite a spectacle for early spring.

• Goncharenko has made one of the most enjoyable RPL teams. Ural is not only unbeaten in 8 matches in a row, but also scores at least 2 goals in each of these matches (and sometimes 4). No wonder Spartak had such a hard time.

Abascal showed that he was ready for surprises. Nicholson (unlike Balde) had a sluggish winter but suddenly appeared at the start. True, we did not understand what the Spaniard’s plan was – almost no threat came from Shamar.

• Ruslan Litvinov is still the best among the youth, if not more so. He moved from the support zone to the defense in order to score a double and equalize the score with a non-working left foot. And he participated in a combination that can be used to prove the theory that “Abaskal is the new Romantsev.” You can also remember an elegant pass to Denisov, when the defender for some reason did not dare to hit. Litvinov is simply the hero of the match.

• Promes has a great desire, but it is directly felt how he lacks a full-fledged winter training. A lot of punches, a lot of approaches, a lot of attempts to aggravate and beat – so far everything is very difficult. At the same time, he plays stably, probably, Abascal trains him through matches.

• Selikhov should also be noted: there is a saving run to the center of the field, and a great save after a canceled goal. If not for him, Spartak could have lost.

• It is unlikely that there is already a serious intrigue in the fight for the title with Zenit, but it is still very interesting to follow Spartak. Promes, Sobolev, Nicholson, Balde, Zinkovsky, Ignatov, Mozes will also soon come up – the reserves of Abaskal are simply incredible.