February 4, 2023

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Monaco have a new young star – Elise Ben-Segir. Big Analysis

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Elisse Ben-Segir, the 17-year-old prodigy from AS Monaco, is someone to keep an eye on for the next few years. Following in the footsteps of Kylian Mbappé, he became a headline star after his performance against Auxerre.

Salim Ben-Seghir, a Marseille winger who is only 19 years old and already making a name for himself in Ligue 1, is the brother of Elissa, who also plays in France’s top flight. But for now, let’s focus on the 17-year-old starlet from Monaco.

This tactical analysis will reveal his best moments at AS Monaco under the tactics of Philippe Clement. This analysis is solely aimed at giving a better picture of the player.

Ben-Segir is a talented playmaker who uses a dominant right foot. His touch on the ball is light and he is a master at dodging defenders. Due to his unstable play in the last third of the field, opponents do not want to get close to the youngster.

On Wednesday, December 28, after being substituted at half-time against Auxerre, the young player shocked the fans by scoring twice. The brace was instrumental in Monaco’s 3-2 triumph, with the youngster scoring the winning goal in the 85th minute.

Ben-Segira’s career began at youth clubs Cogolenois (2010-2016; 2018-2020) and Frejus Saint-Raphael (2016-2018), he joined AS Monaco in 2020. Elisse has also played for the French under-18 and under-17 teams.

Since his effort level is always high and his effectiveness never drops, he is a great addition to Monaco’s defensive style. His ability to quickly regain control of the ball after losing it may be Ben-Segir’s greatest asset.

After losing possession of the ball against Brest, this image shows a skinny guy in a duel with two other players. He is determined to get the ball back at all costs.

The way he holds the ball is amazing in itself. His determination to keep possession of the ball despite occasional mistakes is a testament to his perseverance.

He seems to be in a hurry to get the ball and works hard for it. The only thing that helps him carry out his defensive tasks is his determination. His drive to regain possession is perfect for a fast striker.

Due to his attacking position, defensive duties mainly consisted of tackling the ball. After an unsuccessful move by the Monaco central defender, Elisse runs to overtake the Brest attacking midfielder.

Despite being much farther away from the ball, Ben-Segir reached the goal faster than the Brest player, giving Monaco control of the pitch. One minor detail here is that Clément placed him in the right forward position.

His forward attacking strategy is simply to deprive the centre-back of passing lanes. In the last friendly, he started as a right winger against Fiorentina.

He plans to eliminate the possibility of a pass to the center and a pass to another center back. This reduces the number of pressing players for Monaco and increases the pressure on Fiorentina.

In order to prevent a Leeds player from passing to the centre, he bets on the ball not reaching the opposition defensive midfielder.

He sees two of his teammates approaching and engages the Sevilla number 10 in single combat.

He uses all his power to make a tackle and take the ball away from the opponent in his own half. Moreover, on defense, he works effectively with his teammates to multiply their efforts.

His inventive dribbling and passing are getting more and more dangerous. He showed his creativity, passing prowess and outstanding play.

His dribbling, first touch and possession ability was second to none, and he had a wide array of tricks to confuse opponents. He performs deft feints, stepovers, stops, movements, and lightning-fast changes of direction.

This youngster has great potential in terms of possession. His calm touch on the ball allows him to easily get around defenders in the opponent’s penalty area, as seen in the image.

Ben-Segir often displays a dexterous touch as he carries the ball into tight spaces.

Even more amazing than his physique—balance, strength, and low center of gravity—was how he handled difficulties and pressure.

Defenders get a glimpse of what he’s capable of thanks to his ability to land long shots at point-blank range. From time to time he will fool around, pretending to shoot on goal, rolling the ball when defenders rush to stop him.

Despite the fact that he played his first match in adult football, and in England, he still managed to show a fantastic game. As he becomes more at ease, he seems to enjoy drawing even more opponents towards him. He is at his best when he can catch the ball and then play it again in the space limited by the players.

His plan to force opponents off the field and make room for teammates was well rehearsed. Ben-Segir needs to be given full creative freedom so he can deliver his best performance in this role.

Since his debut on 28 December against Auxerre, he has played a total of three games. For a 17-year-old boy, this is a promising start to a successful career.

In the next image, he performs another impressive maneuver to avoid being touched by opponents. Then, despite Leeds’ furious pressure, he pulled himself together and made a direct pass to the running midfielder, and a wide gap appeared on the opposite side of the field.

He will be just as successful at Monaco as he is at Barcelona or Real Madrid. This team provides him with many opportunities, setting him on the path to becoming one of the best in the world.

In general, he creates space for his teammates, connects to the attack and even scores goals occasionally.

Someone who can play in different positions and is thus in the best position to create multiple chances to attack. Perhaps this best describes him as a player. The attacking team has more than enough opportunities thanks to his brilliant dribbling.

He does everything in his power to put his teammates in advantageous positions and even gives them breathing room to get back into the game at key moments. As Ben Seghir moves to the flanks, the two centre-backs part ways. The attack line had been dormant up to this point, but now it was making various offensive runs.

Because of his mobility across the Ben Segir field, it was impossible to track. As you can see in the image above, he was left without opponents in the center of the zone, where there were five more players.

He does not sit and wait for his luck. He takes risks at all times.

Ben-Seghir, dressed in a Monaco kit, was able to show a level of talent that would be difficult to achieve in the smaller divisions due to the club’s style of play. He showed his creativity and passing prowess, as well as his outstanding close-quarters play.

His professionalism and maturity allowed him to move quickly from the under-21 team to the first team. An important part of AS Monaco’s success will depend on him and he will have to choose whether to represent Morocco or France in the upcoming tournaments. Ben Segir could be the icing on the cake for both countries given that these teams have already shown their potential.


Despite the loss of legendary recruiting director Luis Campos, who now works for PSG, Monaco remain a team that brings in young players, which speaks in favor of the future of talent in the national team.

When Ben-Segir scored twice against Auxerre, he did it on the left flank, in the same half of the field where the 16-year-old Mbappe wreaked havoc on his debut for Monaco in 2015. Mbappé was an integral part of AS Monaco’s title run that season. Monaco management are optimistic about the future with Ben-Seghir and Philippe Clement.

Despite Mbappé’s accomplishments, Ben-Seghir became the second-youngest player to score two goals in a Ligue 1 game on his debut, behind only French star Thierry Henry.