June 7, 2023

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“Not Spartak, right?” The top scorer of the Zenit double launched the Dynamo Academy in St. Petersburg

Signs of a break in Red Bull: Verstappen lost to Perez for the first time on the track, ignored orders, smashed the team in the press

Signs of a break in Red Bull: Verstappen lost to Perez for the first time on the track, ignored orders, smashed the team in the press

Big interview with Pavel Ignatovich.

In 2009, Zenit won the Youth Championship for the only time. Nikolai Zabolotny, Basel Abdulfattah, Sergey Petrov, Evgeny Bashkirov, Maxim Kanunnikov sparkled in the championship squad, Alexei Ionov played 6 matches, but Pavel Ignatovich was the main star – the winger scored 18 goals in 28 games and became the top scorer of the season.

Pavel did not fixate in the main team and went traveling: he caught Alexander Kokorin at Dynamo and tried Cyprus before him, CSKA legendaryly flew in with Mordovia 4:6, and in Nizhny he showed eggs to Dmitry Cheryshev (don’t be scared, it’s about a gesture Simeone and Ronaldo).

Last year, Ignatovich opened the Moscow Dynamo Academy in St. Petersburg, gathered 50 children in six months and is preparing to conquer his native city.

Below is a big interview with Ignatovich, the top scorer in the history of the Zenit double.

Ignatovich drowns for the limit and does not understand the passportization of Malcolm and Claudinho

– One of your brightest phrases in the SBG SHOW : “The current Zenit is bastard.” Explain.

– I want young players to be given a chance in the first team more often. We were left without European cups, we need to pay special attention to the development of our players. I’m sure there are a lot of cool kids in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to show themselves. Plus, there are too many Brazilians in Zenith.

– How many should there be?

– I’m for the limit. We need to toughen it up and revive football on our own. In this situation, 3-4 legionnaires are enough. The main thing is that they do not come stupidly for money and passports, but show their class.

– Without a limit, Russian players will compete with foreigners and grow.

– In non-top teams of the RPL, legionnaires don’t strain anyway, knowing that they will definitely play. Some clubs are forced to install them in order to explain to the management why they were bought.

– Malcolm and Claudinho received Russian citizenship. What do you think?

– I do not understand why. If they want to strengthen the national team, it is better at the expense of their own players.

– Only you, Sergey Petrov and Alexei Ionov, have had a bright career from the champion line-up of the Zenit double. Where have the rest gone?

– When we won the understudy tournament, the thought came: I am one of the best in the country, I should be taken to Zenit or other RPL clubs. Not everyone made it through. Many stayed in the reserve team for another year and ended up going nowhere.