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October 31, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz rejected the accusations made by Russia that Ukraine was preparing to use a “so-called dirty bomb” — calling them baseless, according to a readout of the call released by the German Chancellery on Monday.

In a phone call on between the two leaders, Scholz agreed with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that independent investigations by the International Atomic Energy Agency would remove any doubt about Ukraine-initiated preparation of such a bomb, the readout said.

The IAEA said Monday that investigators had begun their inspection of two locations that Russia said Ukraine was using to develop such bombs. Agency’s chief Rafael Grossi is expected to provide his initial conclusions later this week.[-x-[-mrs-harris-goes-to-paris-[-bardo-falsa-cronica-de-unas-cuantas-verdades-[-one-piece-film-red-340[-la-forja-de-un-campeon-[-las-ocho-montanas-[-no-mires-a-los-ojos-[-vasil-[-13-exorcismos-[-lugares-a-los-que-nunca-hemos-ido-[-animales-fantasticos:-los-secretos-de-dumbledore-[the-monkey-king-the-legend-begins[armageddon-time[4kwatch[-armageddon-time[4kwatch[-a-magical-christmas-village[a-magical-christmas-village-2022[4kwatch[-black-panther-wakanda-forever[black-panther-wakanda-forever-2022[black-adam-[black-adam-2022,57467165.html

Scholz also said that Germany will continue to provide “concrete political, financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine” as well as “defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity, including in arms deliveries.”

Majority of Russian missiles brought down by air defenses during Monday’s attack, Zelensky says
From CNN’s Tim Lister
Smoke rises on the outskirts of Kyiv during a Russian missile attack on October 31.
Smoke rises on the outskirts of Kyiv during a Russian missile attack on October 31. (Vladyslav Sodel/Reuters)
President Volodymyr Zelensky said Monday that repair work continues after Russian missile strikes on Ukraine’s power infrastructure — and that a majority of the missiles fired had been brought down by air defenses.

“At this time, restoration works are still ongoing in the regions where Russian missiles hit today. We are doing everything possible to restore energy and water supply,” Zelensky said in his daily video message Monday.

“If someone in the Kremlin has listened to their crazy propagandists and decided that the darkness in Ukraine will help pressure Ukrainians, then let them not be surprised with their losses when they see how Ukrainians are conducting “negotiations” in the dark,” he added.

Zelensky repeated the military’s statement that of the 55 cruise missiles fired, 45 were shot down.

“For every ten hits, the terrorists have to expend at least four times more missiles,” Zelensky said. “Russia’s performance on drones is even worse, including those supplied by their Iranian allies.”

“The wreckage of a Russian missile that fell on the territory of Moldova only reminds us how important it is to defend ourselves together against this evil,” Zelensky added.

Some context: Several houses were damaged Monday in the Moldovan village of Naslavcea – on the border with Ukraine – after a missile shot down by the Ukrainian forces hit the northern part of the village, according to the Interior Ministry of Moldova.

UN nuclear experts begin inspection at Ukrainian locations cited by Russia
From CNN’s Xiaofei Xu
Experts from the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog agency have started their inspection at two locations that Russia said Ukraine was using to develop “dirty bombs,” a statement from the International Atomic Energy Agency said on Monday.

Russia has repeatedly claimed that Ukraine is conspiring to use a “dirty bomb” — a device that contains nuclear materials along with traditional explosives — in what Moscow says would be a false flag operation to blame Russia.

The claims have been rejected by Ukraine as well as its Western allies, including the US and the UK.

The inspections are being carried out after a written request from Ukraine following Moscow’s claims, the statement said, adding that the agency’s chief Rafael Grossi would provide his “initial conclusions” later this week.