June 7, 2023

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the election of the 100 best athletes in the history of Russia. Who are you for?

The controversial goal brought Juventus victory over Inter. Did you count correctly?

The controversial goal brought Juventus victory over Inter. Did you count correctly?

The result will be a collective rating of the top 100 Russian sports stars. Who will you put in the first place – Khabib, Sharapova, Karelin, Plushenko or, perhaps, Ovechkin?

From you – participation, from us – exclusive and large-scale materials about the main characters.

What is needed from you: at least 20 surnames, a clear rating by place

In order for your vote to be counted, you must:

1. In the form belowchoose at least 20 names of athletes (you can have more, at least all 100, just 20 – the lower bar for calculating points). End of voting – March 31 at 23:59 Moscow time

2 .Arrange the athletes in the form of a rating: 1st place is the best and so on below.That is, not just enter 20 names in random order, but put them in their places depending on your assessment of greatness.

3 . There are pop-up tips in the voting form: if you forgot Karpin or Datsyuk, they can appear randomly when you click on a free line with the cursor.

4 . You can freely move the lines to make a rating by changing the places of the athletes. For example, if Isinbayeva came out seventh in the clue, then she can be safely moved to third or any other place.

5 . You can fill the rating gradually, not all at once. And you can also return to this page (close or refresh it) – all changes will be saved until you click the “Submit” button. We remind you that voting ends on March 31 at 23:59 Moscow time.

6. All users can vote, even unauthorized ones. The only limitation is that the questionnaire can be filled out only once from one device.

How will the final ranking be made?

For the 1st place in each completed questionnaire, the athlete receives 100 points, for the 2nd – 99, for the 3rd – 98 … for the 100th – 1. All points are summed up, so the final table is formed.

An important point: we have balanced the voices of the editors and users. The editors will have 50% of the points, the users will also have 50% of the points.

The editors have already voted: 48 authors and editors from different sections – football, Olympics, hockey, basketball, boxing / mma, tennis and motorsport.

Now it’s up to you – the users of Sports.ru. It depends on you who will be chosen as the best athlete in the history of Russia.

Remember: this is a subjective rating, each of us has different preferences or childhood memories so vivid that five goals scored by Pavel Bure in the semi-finals of the 1998 Olympics are more valuable than all the titles of Garry Kasparov* (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) or Marat Safin.

What are the selection criteria? Is it even possible to compare Ovechkin and Sharapova?

Of course you can. The main thing is to be interesting.

Here are our main criteria:

💥 we choose only athletes (without coaches and managers; conditionally – Tutberidze, Fedun or Giner are not suitable);

💥 The peak of the athlete’s career did not fall on the Soviet, but on the Russian time (therefore, without Lev Yashin, Irina Rodnina or Rinat Dasaev);

💥 the uniqueness of sporting achievements (special weight goes to international success; Akinfeev did not win much in Europe, but his save at the 2018 World Cup with Spain will overshadow a lot);

💥 Legendary (career longevity, legacy, attraction in the industry) and popularity (social networks + search queries for 10 years, content on Sports.ru).

Aren’t you afraid that there will be cheats?

No, our developers, analysts and product team have extensive experience in identifying bot farms.

This is how we defended ourselves from bot attacks , which added laudatory comments about Roman Rotenberg, and revealed dishonest vote cheating in favor of Dmitry Guberniev, who won the competition for the best commentator of the decade almost in a day.