May 27, 2023

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Only the favorites remain: we study the pairs of the 1/4 finals of the World Darts Championship

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The day before, on December 30, all the quarter-finalists of the World Darts Championship were determined. The tournament goes on a one-day New Year’s break, and we will introduce you to the players who are only three steps away from the coveted title. And they will make the first of them tomorrow, January 1st. Go!


Gerwyn Price (Wales, No. 1) — Gabriel Clemens (Germany, No. 25)

Bookmaker quotes: 1.17 – 4.40

Prediction: 5-2

Former rugby player Price will play against Clemens, who can be called a basketball player – his height is 195 centimeters. Hence the nickname “German Giant”. True, the giant is only according to anthropometric data: Clemens has not yet reached great heights in darts. His entry into the quarterfinals of the PDC World Cup is the first in the history of Germany, and Gabry can be proud of this fact. Price will not allow him more, who is gaining form from match to match. Of course, we will not rule out the victory of the German, but it will definitely become a big sensation.


Michael Smith (England, No. 4) — Stephen Bunting (England, No. 21)

Bookmaker quotes: 1.27 – 3.40

Forecast: 5-3

The situation in this pair is paradoxical: the favorite seems to be clear, but at that time it is not clear who to consider them. Formally, Smith is higher in the rankings and hungrier for victories, but Banting also shows excellent darts. Bookmakers clearly underestimate Stephen: this friend, led by his beloved Liverpool, usually swings at the end of the season, and his trademark smile turns into an animal grin. But still, we will give preference to Michael – if he adjusts the fifth speed of throwing darts and the tenth level of accuracy, he will not notice resistance.


Johnny Clayton (Wales, No. 7) – Dimitri van den Berg (Belgium, No. 15)

Bookmaker quotes: 1.54 – 2.32

Forecast: 4-5

Of all the quarterfinal pairs, this one is perhaps the most unpredictable and difficult to predict. Two roughly equal fighters have never played in the semi-finals of the World Cup and are very eager to get there. Both show a consistently high average set and go through the distance with minimal loss of strength. Unless Clayton puffed to take down the cocky rookie Josh Rock, but a day off will get him in the right shape. One sees a high-quality battle, in which, nevertheless, I think Dimi will come out the winner – his desire and motivation seem more sincere.


Michael van Gerwen (Netherlands, No. 3) – Chris Doby (England, No. 22)

Bookmaker quotes: 1.13 – 5.10

Prediction: 5-1

Here everything is clear even before the start of the match. Dobie can be pleased that he reached the quarterfinals, and he showed his best game a little earlier, eliminating Rob Cross from the fight. Now only the MVG itself can butt heads with the MVG, which played all the matches with a set of 100+, or rather, its great relaxation. Of course, you should not underestimate Chris, but Michael himself will not want to interrupt a series of powerful victories. The final result will resemble a rout, and only luck will help Dobie to hook at least one set. Any other outcome will pass for surprise, and the victory of the Englishman will generally stand in the ranks of the greatest sensations in the history of darts.