March 26, 2023

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Orenburg is the top 2 league at home, now Spartak has also felt it. How to explain it

Chelsea have three wins in a row – has Potter corrected the situation? Or just bad luck?

Chelsea have three wins in a row – has Potter corrected the situation? Or just bad luck?

“Orenburg” beat “Spartak” at home – it sounds like a sensation, but in fact it’s not quite. Orenburgers at home are a very big threat.

The victory over Spartak is already the 20th round, at a distance of two-thirds of the season it is just convenient to evaluate and draw conclusions.

For starters, just look at how successful Orenburg is at home.

Yes, according to all the most obvious indicators, the Orenburgers at their Gazovik are the second team in the league, second only to Zenit, but in the table the difference between them is 17 points, all due to the fact that Orenburg is contrastingly bad on the road.

Why is Orenburg so successful at home? There are subtle details

Alexander Dorsky draws attention to several aspects, without which the picture would be incomplete.

Most of the tops were played on the road . In the first round, Orenburg hosted only CSKA (impressive 2:2) and Akhmat (strong-willed 2:1) from the top 8, and went to other more powerful opponents myself, including away games with Spartak , Rostov, Krasnodar, Loko, Zenit and Dynamo.

In the current line-up, Orenburg breaks only from the 8th round . The team rose to the RPL World in the summer, recruited legionnaires for the Premier League at the last moment, and built them into the game very smoothly.

Guest “Spartak”, for example, was in the third, without Cesar Florentin at all, with Lucas Vera and Brian Mansilla coming out only in the second half. At the start were Vladimir Poluyakhtov and Danila Khotulev (now definitely substitutes), Andrey Malykh (now on the right, the main one, rather Alexander Ektov), ​​Stepan Oganesyan played the whole half.

From the first minutes, Alexander Pavlovets and Batraz Gurtsiev, who are no longer in the team, the same Oganesyan and Malykh, played against Rostov from the first minutes. At that moment, in early August, Vera and Marin were still on the bench, and Mansilla spent the entire game on the bench. And Florentin also missed the match with Krasnodar, for the first time he came out only in the second half against Loko (7th round).

At the start, Orenburg played brightly at home with Ural and Torpedo, but it really started to impress just from the 8th round, when Vera, Florentin and Marin started at the same time for the first time (plus Mansilla will start to gain after an injury by the end of the first parts of the season). After that, they confidently beat Pari NN away, gave out a brilliant 60 minutes against Dynamo (then Lichka tried the diamond for the first time, for which the opponent was not at all ready), played normally with Sochi (4:0 – definitely not in the game , very lucky), spent the half in the minority against Akhmat and failed as much as possible with Khimki.