March 27, 2023

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Ours are among the best. Egor Demin is already winning with Real Madrid



There is a small set for the European Cup basketball fishless for the Russian fan, which you can treat yourself to from time to time due to the fact that our people are still here and there. In this case, we are talking about the performance of young Russians in the canters of Spanish clubs.

Currently, four of our guys are improving their basketball skills in teams of junior age categories under the auspices of the Spanish Basketball Federation. They managed to attract the best factories that know a lot about the formation of basketball players of all levels. Three were accepted into their ranks by Real Madrid (Yegor Demin, Daniil Stolbetsky, Vadim Vorontsov) and one – by Baskonia (Alexander Savkov, the younger brother of Pavel Savkov, who has grown to the first team of the club from Vitoria, but is still dealing with rent).

Recently on this resource there was a material dedicated to Danila Stolbetsky. The comments expressed regret that there was no video material to evaluate the game of the basketball player. I hope to fill this gap, fortunately, in Spain there is a channel that covers basketball of the younger age categories fairly conscientiously. The channel does not allow you to insert videos, but you can give links to them.

Let’s start with Yegor Demin. Egor can rightfully take his first season in Madrid as an asset – as part of the first team of cadets (U-16), he became the champion at the regional level (Autonomous Community of Madrid – FBM) and at the national level. Both last year’s finals can be viewed:

FBM final against Estudiantes (94:56)

Spanish Junior Championship final against Unicaja ( 73-70 )

Getting into Spanish basketball in itself guarantees an increased interest in the player. And playing for Real Madrid puts him in the best showcase in Europe, guaranteeing close attention from the widest spectrum of the basketball community, and the best opportunities to demonstrate their abilities, which are being developed by the best specialists. And the level of the club’s teams allows you to go as far as possible in tournaments, which expands your playing practice and raises it to the highest possible level.

This season, Egor plays for the junior team of the club. It is the oldest of the Kantera teams and competes in two official national tournaments: the EBA League (4th Division) and the FBM Junior Championship. In both tournaments, the team is in first place. Of the matches of the current season, the game of Yegor Demin can be assessed by video games in the EBA league. There was one on YouTube against the Zentro Basket club ( 77:88 )

Egor’s statistics in the tournament: 13.2 points, 4.8 assists, 4.2 rebounds, 14.5 utility points in 20:36 minutes.

The best match for him was against Alba

In the first half of the final, Egor got a little lost and was seated on the bench. He played much better in the second half and was one of the co-authors of a rush in the middle of the 3rd quarter, thanks to which he managed to comfortably bring the match to a victory. Now, until May, there is more than enough time and opportunity to improve individual skills and work out team interactions in order to approach decisive matches at the peak of game form.