March 22, 2023

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Pogba has yet to play for Juve. But he earned 6 million euros – and receives team bonuses

Golovin has a PSG goal! “Monaco” broke pressed by injuries and the virus “Paris”

Golovin has a PSG goal! “Monaco” broke pressed by injuries and the virus “Paris”

Haven’t been out since April.

In the summer it seemed that club football had a beautiful comeback: Paul Pogba returned to Juventus as a free agent. For the sake of the Turin club, the Frenchman even agreed to a salary cut: Paul receives 197.3 thousand euros a week in Turin (data from a reliable aggregator Capology ), in Manchester it was 330 thousand.

Juventus introduced Pogba on July 11, 2022. Two weeks later, he played 45 minutes against Chivas, and a few days later he injured his right knee in training. Because of this, Paul has never entered the field until now.

Pogba got into the application only once: he remained as a substitute in the Serie A match against Monza (January 29), and then disappeared again – the body could not withstand the training loads after a long downtime.

At the same time, Pogba consistently receives team bonuses for victories (Gazzetta dello Sport insider). The club plans to revise this item, but the contract needs to be changed. The deal with Juve also stipulates 2.6 million bonuses for the Frenchman’s success – for entering the field and scoring actions. At least you don’t have to pay for it.

Pogba’s contract is until the summer of 2026. There have already been rumors that the club is ready to break off relations with him, although Fabrizio Romano denies them.

Before the Sunday match against Fiorentina, Max Allegri was sad: “Pogba is not available yet. Maybe it will be available in 20 days. I’m looking forward to it the most.” At the same time, in early February, Allegri clarified : it would take 2-3 months for Paul to fully return. And then the season ends.