March 26, 2023

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Premier League clubs spent €829 million in winter. All other top leagues – 3 times less

The Barça player vanished after being pushed by an opponent. Now everything is in order, but how did this happen

The Barça player vanished after being pushed by an opponent. Now everything is in order, but how did this happen

In most European leagues, the transfer window closed on February 1st. You can sum up the results for the top 5 leagues.

Here’s how clubs from the champions of England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France spent this winter:

• The total spending of top leagues other than the Premier League is three times less than that of the Premier League itself.

• The top 10 leagues worldwide as of February 1 also include MLS (57.6m), Argentinean Championship (34m), English Championship (28.3m), RPL (27.4m) and Portugal (27.3m) .

Even if we take not the top ten, but the top twenty, then the spending of the Premier League will still be about 250 million more than the total costs of the other 19 leagues from the ranking.

• Record holders for winter spending in each of the top 5 leagues: Chelsea (329.5m), Marseille (40m), Borussia Dortmund (13.5m), Espanyol (13.2m) and Fiorentina “(12.5).

• Only a few English superclubs have been actively buying this winter. Chelsea spent more than 320 million, spent Arsenal (60.3 million), but Man City, Manchester United, Tottenham and Liverpool have about the same amount for four – 64 million. And a huge share falls on the transfer of Cody Gakpo from PSV to Liverpool for 42 million euros.

The last team in the league, Southampton, laid out almost as much as the entire Bundesliga – 63 million euros. Other non-top clubs in the Premier League were also seriously purchased: 56.2 million were spent by Bournemouth, 41.2 by Leeds, 38.5 by Wolverhampton.

• There were a total of 37 transfers worth over €11m. How many players from this number were bought by clubs not from England? Only six.

In the top 19 most expensive transfers of the winter, there is only one player who is not connected with the English team: Vitinha Oliveira moved for 32 million to Marseille from Braga.

• Marseille were the top 5 spenders outside of England. He paid more than all of La Liga or Serie A. In the overall list, Marseille is inferior to seven clubs in the Premier League.

• But there were thrifty teams in the Premier League. For example, Brentford paid only 1 million euros for the loan of Kevin Schade from Freiburg, and Everton were the only ones in the league who did not sign anyone. But he changed his coach.

In other leagues, there are more teams with zero costs – 4 in Germany, 9 in France, 11 in Italy and 13 in Spain. Among them are PSG, Monaco, Leipzig, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, Inter, Napoli, Juventus, Lazio and Atalanta.

• The Premier League also led by a notable margin last winter, although not by such a huge margin of 345m versus Serie A’s 185m.

Then the third was the MLS, and the fourth was the RPL with 82 million. This winter, the RPL has the 9th line, but in Russia the transfer window will close only after three weeks. Another 7 million spending – and there will be a place in the top 5.