March 22, 2023

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Rashford sparkled at Camp Nou, scoring two goals in 10 minutes. He has 14+4 in 16 matches

Arms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will turn in the opposite direction. The Poles have already felt

Arms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will turn in the opposite direction. The Poles have already felt

“Man United” and “Barcelona” drew in the first match of the playoffs of the LE – a sharp 2:2 with an insipid first half. Let’s summarize it briefly.

• Throughout the first half of the team, Xavi and Ten Haga got used to each other – even Wout Wegorst sometimes found himself in the middle of the field.

• There was more cockiness after the break, and in the 50th minute Marcos Alonso jumped out from behind Fred for a corner and finally opened the scoring with a header.

• Barça took the lead, but just three minutes later Marcus Rashford stepped in as the English darted away from Alonso and pushed Ter Stegen into the middle.

• Five minutes later, Rashford pushed Rafinha in and crossed into the box. There, the ball first found the heel of Fernandes, and then bounced off Kunde into the goal. So “United” unexpectedly took the lead.

• Barça were shocked by Pedri’s injury in the first half. Insider Tony Juanmarti writes that the player is unlikely to recover for the game with Real Madrid in two weeks. Another reason to be sad is Gavi’s yellow card. Because of this, we will definitely not see the kid at Old Trafford.

• But the Catalans were able to bounce back: 15 minutes before the end of the game, Rafinha spun on Lewandowski, who missed the ball and so deceived the experienced Rafa Varane. The ball flew into the goal under the shocked looks of the Frenchman and David De Gea. In the end, the hosts could have won at all, but then De Gea already saved.

Epic draw. Although Ten Hag is unhappy with the result: “The refereeing had a big impact on the match and we can’t ignore it. The moment with Rashford is a removal. We created many chances and dictated the course of the game. We were just better. Great match. I enjoyed the game.”

Rashford in 2023

And now back to the main character.

After the World Cup-22, the Englishman seems to be reborn. He has 14 goals and 4 assists in 16 games for Manchester United – in 2023, even Erling Haaland behaves more modestly. Moreover, Rashford riveted all the goals not in one meeting, but distributed the performance as evenly as possible.

Rashford consistently brings results.

Nottingham Forest in the League Cup – 2 assists;

Away with Crystal Palace in the championship – a goal;

Replay of the 8th round of the Premier League with Leeds – a goal;

Away with Leeds in the championship – a goal;

Away against Barca in the LE – again a goal;

Everyone understands how good Markus is now, so before the meeting, Xavi focused on him: “He is one of the most dangerous strikers in Europe. He’s fast and plays great one-on-one. We’ll have to keep a close eye on him. Without a doubt, he is one of the best in Europe.”

It didn’t work out. But Erik ten Hag thinks Rashford will get even better. “He is definitely one of the best in the world. Confident in him from the very first day here. Rashford already knows so much and has such phenomenal skills. If Markus continues to work so hard, he will score a lot more. He knows how to hit with the right, with the left. He plays well with his head. It has no ceiling.”