March 27, 2023

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Records of Novak Djokovic: what has already been beaten, what else will beat, and what is unlikely to be in time

“I regret that we included them in the video.” Bolshunov and Nepryaeva flashed in the promo of the World Cup – FIS apologizes for these 2.5 seconds

“I regret that we included them in the video.” Bolshunov and Nepryaeva flashed in the promo of the World Cup – FIS apologizes for these 2.5 seconds

On Monday, Novak Djokovic repeated a great all-time tennis record – he spends his 377th week at the top of the rankings and caught up with Steffi Graf. And next week he will definitely become the sole record holder. If Carlos Alcaraz wins the Rio tournament now, they will have the same number of points (6980), but Djokovic will still be the first, because he collected more at the Grand Slams, the final tournament and the Masters.

Novak often says in recent years that now records are his main motivation. He already has many.

A Serb is unlikely to break one rating record.

To surpass Federer, Djokovic needs to remain in first place without interruption until the end of 2027. And he, of course, is a machine, but it is very difficult to imagine such a thing.

But he can get around Roger in the age category.

Let’s move on to the Grand Slams.

The Serb shares the men’s tour record with Nadal. At the same time, the next Slam is Roland Garros, where Rafa will be the traditional favorite. And if one of them wins there, it will equal Serena Williams’ tennis record (we only take into account the professional era and singles, so, for example, Margaret Court and her 24 TBSH did not count).

Here Djokovic is the leader of men’s tennis by a wide margin. In addition, he is the only tennis player who has won all four Slams, all nine Masters and the final.

Novak is already fourth in history, and to be first, he will need to win some TBS, starting with the US Open-2024.

There is another sign of tennis longevity.

It is important that Nadal has not yet won the title in 2023, and Djokovic has already taken two. And if the Spaniard, for example, ends this year without a trophy, the Serb will need to take the title in 2024, 2025 and 2026 to break the record.

Another record for which Novak is fighting with Nadal.

This will require winning 5 more Australian Opens – and this can happen at least in 2028, when Novak will be in his 40s.

In terms of total titles, Djokovic is now fourth.

17 is missing from the record. For the past three years, the Serbian has taken five titles a year, and at this pace he can break the record somewhere in 2026.

In recent years, Djokovic has won around 50 matches per season. So in order to break this record, he needs to maintain this pace for another 5 years.

But Novak is already the record holder in men’s tennis for victories over the top 10.


It is clear that Djokovic will definitely not break many records, but basically this is the “youngest” category. But the two main indicators of greatness – “Grand Slams” and weeks on the first line – are completely under his control. And now he is in such a state that it is difficult to imagine a situation in which he will leave tennis without being a leader in these categories.