May 28, 2023

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Remember the first coach Golovin, who is still working in Kaltan? Learned a lot about him – thanks to Semin

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The third episode of the series “Palych Was Here” was released – in it, Yuri Semin, together with Alexander Aksenov, visited Omsk and Kaltan, where Alexander Golovin was born.

There they met with Golovin’s first coach Alexander Plyasunov and found out how much he received for the transfer of a football player to Monaco. And also – a lot of bright details about his life path.

Almost 16 million rubles were transferred to the Kaltan school for Golovin – the money was invested in the Energetik stadium

To start, a little background.

In February 2020, Alexander Plyasunov said that there was no money for Golovin. “The school should have declared that it claims these payments. Apparently they didn’t. I am not aware of the affairs of our leadership, no one reports to me. I am incompetent in these matters, my job is to train children and show results, ”said Golovin’s first coach.

The Kaltan school was supposed to receive 0.75% of the transfer amount, which is 225 thousand euros (15.75 million rubles). And a few months later, good news came: the money was received, and the Energetik stadium was put in order in Kaltan with these funds.

“The project was completed in a short time thanks to solidarity payments from the transfer of Golovin and funds from the federal and municipal budgets,” Plyasunov rejoiced.

And how much did the coach himself receive?

To find out, let’s go to the series “Palych Was Here” – there Golovin’s first coach named a specific amount.

– Alexander Golovin has come a long way in local football schools, and then he is sold to CSKA, then to Monaco for 30 million euros. Everyone received money for the transfer: agents, the club. Does the first coach get something in this situation? And received or not?

– I think I should.

Well, it sounds like they didn’t. 

Yes, I don’t think so.

Did you give a little?

– Of course.

– How much?

– 140 thousand rubles one-time.

Yuri Palych believes that they should have given much more: “A children’s coach is the first to find a talent who has gone further. Maybe by accident, but [the player passes] through the hands of this coach, he put in a lot of work. This gradation is wrong.”

Plyasunov is still working with children – he complains that now there are problems with enrollment: “We don’t have a football school, but a school of additional education. And it’s hard to recruit [children]. There was a rush after 2018.”

“There was a struggle on the verge of life and death.” At 37, Plyasunov lost his arm – he drank a lot because of this, but football saved him

Previously, Alexander worked as a miner: “The profession was called” Longwall Miner. We participated in the extraction: the combine harvester cuts coal, and we move the support behind the combine.”

Plyasunov could have died at the age of 37 – then he fell under the train and lost his arm. “It’s my own fault: I didn’t go where I needed to. They brought an infection, they inserted an iron pin, they wanted to save the hand. The infection began – if I had not been operated on in time, I would not have survived. It was a struggle on the verge of life and death. He received injuries incompatible with life, ”recalls the coach.

After that, Alexander experienced psychological problems: “Inside you feel like an inferior person. They pay attention to you, it’s wild for you. And there were insults about a physical handicap, and he fought. My mother supported me very much – thanks to her I survived.

In this regard, Plyasunov’s first marriage collapsed: “I drank a lot as a result of this. And so the family fell apart.” Football saved me from addiction: “I allow myself sometimes [to drink]. That’s exactly what I’m allowing.”

According to Plyasunov, football brings him 50 thousand rubles a month, and there is also a pension for working as a miner – 17 thousand: “There are no savings. Everything goes to life.”

Alexander is pleased to realize that he is involved in children’s upbringing: “I like the daily routine work with children. I like it when they bring you a snotty fool, and then gradually you see how he changes: he becomes a teenager, and then a man.

Now my first [pupils] got married, they already have children. Two brought their own. It is not necessary that he will become a top-level player. [But] he will grow up confident, strong, stable, will never break, will take his niche in life. It seems to me that this is the most important thing for a children’s coach.