March 22, 2023

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Roman Kostomarov two months in intensive care: what is known about this? Are there any improvements

In 6 series of the Gagarin Cup again a draw! CSKA scored 9 to three Severstal goalkeepers, and Torpedo scored in overtime

In 6 series of the Gagarin Cup again a draw! CSKA scored 9 to three Severstal goalkeepers, and Torpedo scored in overtime

Olympic champion in ice dancing Roman Kostomarov has been in intensive care for two months.

We are sympathetic to the trouble that Roman and his relatives got into, and deliberately do not speculate on the topic of health. There is too much conflicting or not entirely accurate information around. This text is only to systematize and clarify a little more. The main and reliable thing here is what is happening with Kostomarov – a month ago we did the same material . wishes the skater a recovery and his family patience.


What happened in the first month?

On January 10, Roman was hospitalized and placed in a hospital in Kommunarka. The initial diagnosis was pneumonia. He started the procedure of artificial saturation of blood with oxygen ECMO.

Kostomarov was under medical sedation, and at the end of January he came to his senses and talked with his relatives.

In early February, news appeared about the deterioration of his condition: according to TASS, due to circulatory disorders and developed necrosis, both feet were amputated to Kostomarov, according to Match TV, one.

A month after entering the intensive care unit, Kostomarov agreed to amputate his fingers if the doctors could not restore the blood supply and the necrosis would be life-threatening. Read more about the first month of treatment here .

How has the situation changed by March?

February 13: Ilya Averbukh announced that the annual Ice Age tour will be held in support of Kostomarov:

“For us, this is not an entertainment event, but a unifying one – a tour that should unite all of us. For our part, we will try to fully support Roman and his family both morally and financially.”

February 14: according to Komsomolskaya Pravda (the newspaper referred to a source in medical circles), Kostomarov’s hands were amputated. A Match TV source confirmed.

An insider of the Mash telegram channel claimed that they did not remove the brushes completely, but several fingers on both hands.

February 15: Several sources report a sharp deterioration in Roman’s condition. It was noted that he could not breathe on his own and was again under sedation. According to REN TV, a large area of ​​fibrosis was found in the left lung, Kostomarov was connected to artificial lung ventilation (ALV) and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines.