May 28, 2023

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Ronaldo effect: Al-Nasr Instagram inflated by 10 million in a week! Comparable to Champions League clubs?

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December 30 Al-Nasr announced the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo. Then the official instagram of the club from Saudi Arabia had about 860 thousand subscribers.

A little over a week has passed. Now 10.7 million users have already subscribed to the club on Instagram! space growth.

A joint post by Cristiano and Al-Nasr about the transition collected 33.8 million likes.

The arrival of the Portuguese superstar has made Al Nasr the most popular club in the Middle East. Prior to this, Al-Hilal (3.6 million), Al-Nasr’s competitor in the Saudi Arabian Championship, had the most followers on Instagram.

But Ronaldo himself is still very far away. Cristiano is the first in the world to break 500 million subscribers

At the end of November, Cristiano was the first in the world to overcome the bar of 500 million followers on Instagram. The Portuguese audience is generally growing very rapidly – in February last year, he had just passed the mark of 400 million subscribers.

Now Cristiano has 530 million subscribers. Ronaldo himself also does not skimp on subscriptions – he has already followed new teammates.

Al-Nasr against clubs from the 2022/23 Champions League play-offs. Who has more?

To demonstrate Al-Nasr’s rapid rise in popularity on Instagram, we compared the number of followers of the Saudi club and the teams participating in the 2022/23 Champions League playoffs.

•‎ 9 clubs out of 16 have more followers on Instagram than Al-Nasr – these are Real Madrid, PSG, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Bayern, Borussia D, Tottenham and Milan.

•‎ “Inter” lagged behind “Al-Nasr” by almost two million subscribers. The remaining six clubs – Napoli, Porto, Benfica, RB Leipzig, Eintracht Frankfurt and Club Brugge – have fewer Instagram followers (10.2m) than Al-Nasr alone. .

•‎ At the same time, European top clubs have been gathering their audience for years, and Al-Nasr has achieved such an impressive result in a week. And there is no doubt that subscribers from Cristiano will continue to come. Is there a ceiling at all?