March 27, 2023

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Scandal around Noboa: the girl announced the beating and betrayal, Christian denies everything

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Sochi’s top scorer Christian Noboa was at the center of a scandal in Dubai. His girlfriend, Keviam Kaso, went on the social network with beatings – and said that the guy (she did not give her name) hit her at least ten times. She also reported that she found him in bed with two women.

According to Keviam, he had raised his hand against her before.

RT indicates that it is about the Sochi footballer. The fact that Noboa and Caso are dating has been known since 2020.

“I am ashamed that I have been silent for so long. Having done it once, he will do it a thousand times.” Caso’s statement about the beatings

Keviam wrote a long text on Instagram explaining the situation. Here he is:

“I don’t feel guilty about any of the blows you gave me, my love! I am ashamed that I kept silent for so long about your insults and abuse. You hurt me in every possible way and always convinced me that everything would change!

I am very ashamed that I am hurting myself by giving every second of my life to someone whose only goal in life is promiscuity and platitudes! The one who does not feel love for anything or anyone, even for himself. It’s my fault for giving you the place in my life that I thought you deserved. But that was a mistake!

Thanks to everyone who has seen each of the insults caused by my love a thousand times and remained silent. I realize that I had to get to this point and open my eyes to make this decision on my own. If I make this public now, it will only be so that no one gets caught in this vicious cycle of mistreating my love. If he has done it once, he will do it a thousand times, and every time it will be worse.


Please don’t let this happen, it’s not just punches… It also breaks inside. We are not all made of stone, I will not lose my essence, my love. I still believe in eternal love, nothing can hurt my heart.”

“I didn’t cheat on anyone and I didn’t beat anyone.” Noboa denied involvement

Christian has already responded to the accusation.

“She was drunk and angry,” Noboa told Sport Express. I wasn’t with her that night. I was in another hotel in Dubai, I did not cheat on anyone and did not beat anyone. Everyone knows that I am not that kind of person. I am always kind to people. This is a very difficult situation, I would not wish anyone to be in it.

Noboa, 37, has been performing in Russia since 2007. He moved to Sochi in 2019 – and pretty soon began dating the Ecuadorian Kaso. The couple met on the plane, where they had neighboring seats.

More than 460 thousand people subscribed to the girl on Instagram. Metaratings wrote that Kaso is a businesswoman. Formerly a small chain of clothing stores in Paraguay, she now exports shrimp and bananas to Europe and South America, as well as an interregional freight business.

Before the recent scandal, Noboa did not particularly take out his personal life in public. In 2016, he broke up with Russian woman Olga Romanova, with whom he has two children. However, the breakup of the marriage became known to the public only in 2018.

Christian even had to defend his ex-wife from attacks on social networks:

“I want to dedicate this post to my ex-wife, mother of our children and my close friend! Olga and I broke up more than two years ago. We did not advertise the decision to avoid public discussion. We have maintained warm friendly relations. Yes, it happens.

We support each other. At the moment when I got injured, she was by my side, before and after the operation. By insulting Olga, you are insulting me. Please stop all negative comments about my ex-wife.”