June 9, 2023

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Sobolev against the president of the league, a slap in the face to Utkin, a fight between Tigiev and Miami – the main scandals of the year in media football

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The past year has been a breakthrough year for media football. What to hide, the frenzied interest is due, among other things, to unfiltered scandals and conflicts, which often blocked the sports component with their scale.

What kind of game did they do in media football in 2022? We have collected the ten most resonant events.

Sobolev’s conflict with Medialiga and Osipov

Alexander Sobolev burst into the Winline Media League with his “Bey Run” with great enthusiasm and sincere interest (just look at his emotions in the debut match with Rodina Media), but after two rounds he said that he had played enough and stopped attending the team’s matches. Later, the Spartak forward said that he had one serious complaint about the league and its president Nikolai Osipov – the opacity of the status of media and professional players. Alexander gave Osipov ultimatums, but he simply ignored his messages.

Sobolev has a claim to the regulations of the Medialeague. He said that he had played enough and left – but returned after 2 weeks

However, Sobolev’s rebellion ended quite quickly – two weeks later he returned to the edge and spent the rest of the season with Bay Run, and at the end of it he played for his team at the gate in friendly matches. Recently, Alexander said that “BB” has already been called for the third season, although he seems to remain distrustful of Osipov.

Detention of Amkal midfielder Mavrin in Novosibirsk

Amkal’s trip to Novosibirsk in March of this year was overshadowed by the detention of Vasily Mavrin after a match with a local club of the same name. At first, no one even understood why and why someone called the police at all. Later it turned out that the administration of the arena, where the game was held, did not like that the player climbed onto the podium for a photo with the fans and allegedly damaged the property of the sports complex.

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“Are you going to shoot at us? Funny”. The police detained the player “Amkal”: the conflict arose because of the photo with the children after the match

The police came straight to the locker room, five officers had to turn Vasily at once, although he did not resist, and already on the street one of the law enforcement officers grabbed his pistol holster in front of the Amkal players. As a result, Mavrin was released without punishment – the court did not find corpus delicti in his actions. Vasily planned to sue one of the employees, but this story, apparently, did not continue.

Attempts to restrict journalists, Kuznetsov freaked out and sent a correspondent

Although the openness of media football has always been one of its main features, at the start of the second season of the Media League, the clubs began to openly lash out at the media. At first, the head coach of 2Drots, Dmitry Kuznetsov, couldn’t stand the nerves at the match with Rubin (the drots lost big 1:4): he sent to ### and pushed the correspondent of the Liga Mediafootball telegram channel, Yana, who was working on the edge. Opinions on this incident in the community were divided: some argued that the journalists themselves were looking for trouble and literally sticking their phones in their faces, others urged the coach to apologize. Kuznetsov really apologized – but not to Yana, but to the rest of the journalists who were then standing nearby.

Is openness of the Medialeague a problem? Should the media be restricted? Opinions of the authors of the section Mediafootball

Then the media representatives were attacked by the boss of Rodina Media, Tequila, who accused them of provocations. Dmitry Egorov and Stanos followed also in favor of restrictions for people “with mobile phones on the sidelines.” As a result, the league, as part of an experiment, introduced a special zone for the media – this rule did not take root, as expected, and there were no more serious scandals with journalists until the end of the season.

The conflict between Oleg Miami and Georgy Tigiev escalated into a real duel in the octagon

In the summer, at one of the IFL conferences, Na Sporte player Oleg Miami attacked Broke Boys boss Reisen in response to insults. For his president, the defender of the Brookes Georgy Tigiev fit in, who began to literally pursue Miami at all events, clung to him in every possible way and provoked a fight. Oleg did not immediately agree to a duel and was waiting for profitable offers. It, apparently, came from the Our Business promotion, which took over the organization of the fight.

The warm-up was powerful: the players constantly insulted each other through the media, grappled first at a duel of views, and then at a conference immediately before the fight. It took place on December 10, and a video was released on the 22nd – Miami won by unanimous decision , and Tigiev could not recover for a long time after the fight .

Kamil Gadzhiev slapped Vasily Utkin for refusing to shake hands

One of the most unexpected conflicts can be called the cut of Kamil Gadzhiev and Vasily Utkin. It all started beautifully: their teams were taken in the second season of the Media League, before the start of the championship, the presidents of Fight Nights and Egrisi posed for joint photos and calmly prepared for the meeting in the 2nd round.

However, shortly before the game, everything went awry: Gadzhiev promised his team 500 thousand for the victory, Utkin offered Kamil a bet on this amount, but in response he received a condition that Vasily should enter the field. Utkin took this as a “drain” , and called the opponent a “bullshit”. Before the match, Hajiyev wanted to shake hands with the Egrisi boss, but he refused, for which he received several light slaps in the face .

Fight Nights turned out to be stronger on the field (1:0), but even after the match Gadzhiev continued to insist that he did not regret giving up the dispute. Before the start of the playoffs (neither Egrisi nor FN went there), Kamil made a goodwill gesture – at the general conference of teams, where Utkin was, he offered to take a joint photo, but Vasily refused here too. This time there were no slaps.

In Medialeague, not only judges, but also commentators get hit by teams

Football commentators broke into media football a long time ago, but TV people are not doing well in Medialiga. Despite the huge interest in the tournament ( 7 commentators came to one of the matches at once ), their team could not win for a very long time and in both seasons tragically flew past the playoffs in the final rounds – it was really painful to watch Konstantin Genich .

But commentators did not always manage to calmly engage in their professional work. At the start of the first season, the community seriously discussed that commentators should prompt the judges and call to the monitor in controversial situations. In the 5th round, already full of scandals and skirmishes, the match between BrokeBoys and Na Sporte, Raizen began to argue with Dmitry Shnyakin about an unassigned penalty. Having received a negative answer to the question about knowledge of the rules, Shnyakin sent the Brook boss to ###.

In the second season, on the contrary, commentators began to arrive for trying to prompt and influence judicial decisions. During the game between Our Guys and the Kazakh SD Family, Dmitry Naguchev freaked out and powerfully reprimanded the team from Astana on the air for trying to teach him how to work.

Karen Adamyan had to listen more than others, who was pulled straight from the broadcast into a conversation without cameras and microphones by the president of FC Dengi Stanos – he did not like the fact that the commentator was imposing his point of view on the referee. And at the finals of the MFL , Adamyan was insulted by the head coach of Rodina Media Andrey Karyaka – now he is forever on Karen’s black list.

Rodina Media pressed the referee at the final, and after the match the players surrounded him in the train

The judges also did not escape the wrath of the team of Dmitry Tarasov and rapper Tequila. The 35-year-old midfielder himself missed the final with 2Drots for trying to cosplay Zidane in the semi-finals against Na Sporte. Tequila asked the “drots” to cancel Tarasov’s disqualification (the league would approve his participation only with the consent of the 2D management), but they refused.

In the decisive match of the season at the end of the first half, 2Drots scored from a penalty kick, which provoked an explosion on the RM bench : Tarasov, Tequila, and everyone else were shouting. Even the coach of the “darts” Kuznetsov got substituted for the installation of his players . In the second half, referee Dmitry Zhilinsky appointed a penalty already in favor of Rodina Media, which equalized the score and turned the match into a shootout (a mixture of penalties and shootouts), but in the end the trophy went to 2D.

Medialeague final judge Zhilinsky and Rodina Media traveled to Moscow in the same carriage. This resulted in a conflict

After the game, 2Drots player Eric posted a photo of Kuznetsov with referee Zhilinsky, jokingly signing it “Payment passed.” The referee himself picked up the trend and posted a joint photo with the Rodina coach Karyaka: “Payment failed.” It seemed that emotions had already subsided, and all the participants in the match calmed down, however, several RM players approached Zhilinsky on the train (they were returning to Moscow from Krasnodar together, where the final was held) and, filming everything on video, demanded to remove the picture. The arbitrator did not make concessions, answering that he would delete the photo only by a court decision.

A lot of questions for individual awards at the end of the year

When Medialiga and Sports.ru announced all the contenders for individual prizes at the end of the year in November, there was not a single nomination for which fans and the community did not have questions. Representatives of 2Drots were not nominated for the “Person of the Year” award – this outraged one of the presidents of the club, Nekita, who quarreled with the BrokeBoys bosses (by the way, they were among the nominees), accused Sports.ru of incompetence and condemned the leaders of other clubs who campaigned to vote for their own.

Even the victory over Rodina Media in the final did not calm Nikita, but at the awards ceremony, the league prepared a special prize for him and the second boss of the darts, Zheka, for their contribution to the development of media football. It looks like everyone was happy.

Massacre of Amkala and BrokeBoys on the ISS

The main score of the year in the semi-finals of the Celebrity Cup was given by Broke Boys and Amkal. During the entire tournament, the “Brooks” almost openly accused the Amkalovites of backstage work with the judges, and in the game itself, skirmishes and brawls began from the very first minute. The referee did not put a penalty on Amkal’s goal, Dmitry Yegorov tore off his T-shirt in a fit of rage, jumped onto the field and started insulting the referee.

Does Egorov hate Amkal? Dmitry was liked by Herman’s subscribers and scored 2Drots, but left after an injury – and created his own club

A representative of Amkal and one of the organizers of the tournament Ficus heard enough from Yegorov, whom Dmitry pointed his finger in the face, called insignificance and reproached with a salary of 60 thousand rubles. After the match, the Brook boss recorded a video in which he apologized for his behavior and statements, including to Ficus. There was a minimum of football on the field – but there were a lot of fights, obscenities, skirmishes and stealth shots. Mavrin called Sergei Shayunov to fight, and Tigiev wanted to punish Vasily for his tongue.

The case ended in a goalless draw, and in the penalty shoot-out, Mavrin, who converted the first shot, ran to celebrate in front of the opponent’s players. The emotional run was stopped by the trip of the Brooks defender Maxim Sinitsyn – this led to another batch, the result of which were several red cards at once. Nevertheless, Broke Boys turned out to be cold-blooded in the series – a 6:5 victory.

Forward “Money” almost deprived his team of a point in the table because of a ridiculous bet

Damir Tregulov is a bright striker of the newcomer of the Medialiga FC Dengi, who gave several performances, one of which almost led to his departure from the club. In October, the striker bet with IFL President Osipov on the result of one of the challenges, putting one point scored by his team in the table. How could such an adventure end? Naturally, Tregulov lost. Money President Stanos exploded in outrage, publicly calling the player a “cretin” and a “fabulous character.”

Inside the team, they voted whether Damir could stay after this, but they did not kick him out. The player apologized and redeemed himself a few weeks later with a hat-trick against GOATS.