March 27, 2023

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Solskjaer has admitted to being a Liverpool supporter as a child. And 7 years ago denied it!

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In a recent podcast, former Manchester United player and manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed rumors that he supported Liverpool as a child.

It’s funny that in 2016, when he was in charge of Melde, the “baby-faced killer” denied rumors that he supported United’s main rival Liverpool as a child.

Speaking to FourFourTwo, he said: “You learn while you live, that’s the only answer I can give you. I never confirm this! I am a Manchester United fan to the core.”

But seven years later, the 49-year-old was asked about the rumor again when he appeared on James Richardson’s Kings of Europe podcast, and his answer was very different.

After being asked about Liverpool, he said: “It must have been from the environment, because if you followed football back then, you knew that Liverpool were the best team in the 80s.

They had Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush and all the rest, so yes, I followed Liverpool. I was one of those who supported them because they won everything.”

Solskjaer, who returned to his homeland last year after almost three years as United manager, has not spoken to any English media in over a year but is eager to return to coaching.

In fact, according to Norwegian outlet VG, Solskjaer managed the Kristiansund Under 14 team played by his son Elijah and led the team to league victory along with Per Magne Hals.