March 22, 2023

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Spartak has a new title at the training camp. And what led to previous victories

Volkanovski is much shorter than Makhachev and will not fight at his weight. And in what way is he stronger

Volkanovski is much shorter than Makhachev and will not fight at his weight. And in what way is he stronger

Now – the most similar to the Copa del Sol.

Spartak defeated Sochi at the RPL Winter Cup Winline (2:0) and won the entire tournament without conceding a single goal.

Spartak scored eight points thanks to victories over Krasnodar from Sochi in regular time and over Rostov in the first game on penalties. Saturday’s match between Krasnodar and Rostov will only affect who will take second place.

And the title of the first tournament in the new format belongs to Spartak!

The red and white trophies during the training camp are already on stream: now it is the fourth victory in the last five years, and there was also the legendary Copa del Sol, without which it is so sad now .

But what usually happened in that part of the season that Spartak was preparing for when they won these trophies?

“Copa del Sol” -2012. Team trophy with Dzyuba and transitional season silver

Spartak won the tournament thanks to the fact that they won two penalty shootouts – they were appointed in case of a draw in regular time in the group stage (just like now at the Winline Cup).

Only forwards scored in the group: Emenike twice, Welliton three times, and Artem Dzyuba also scored against Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Molde. So the Spartacists took first place in their group, and won the final against Copenhagen in Spanish Cartagena thanks to a goal from a free kick from Niko Pareja.

How dreary winter is without the Copa del Sol… The meme tournament was closed in 2015, where Solskjaer criticized Spartak, and CSKA and Shakhtar shared the check for 60k

In the transitional championship, Spartak went fourth for the first off-season winter, but spent the spring better than CSKA against Dynamo and finished with silver medals – Valery Karpin’s only medal in the full season as head coach.

Cup Match Premier 2019: Kononov’s perfect tournament with the defeat of Zenit and Loko

Premiere tournament “Match Premiere” Spartak subjugated themselves: they won all three matches, and with a total score of 9:1. After a modest 2:1 over Rostov (with a victory from Denis Glushakov in the 91st), Zenit flew 3:0 (Glushakov also scored), and Lokomotiv – generally 4:0 with a brace of Ze Luis.

Oleg Kononov set up the Spartak style in Qatar, and such a victory sounded like a confirmation that everything is working, that the new head coach has dealt with the team well in a couple of months.

Spartak then went fourth for the winter, and in the spring it was unstable: for example, they won only three of the first ten matches in the RPL, including losing the derby with CSKA and getting 0:3 in Tula from the former (and future) Kononov’s team.

May’s three wins in a row did not improve the balance much, especially since the finish was smeared with a defeat from Orenburg in the 30th round, because of which CSKA was let in ahead and dropped to fourth place. Instead of a direct hit in the Europa League, they only achieved qualification and did not pass it the next season.

Parimatch Premier Cup 2020: title returned with Tedesco just arrived

After the only unwinnable Matcha tournament (third place in the summer of 2019), they returned to Qatar and regained the title. We won two matches in regular time – against Rostov and the Serbian Partizan, and lost to Lokomotiv only on penalties. In Qatar, Reziuan Mirzov flashed – a double for the Rostovites. In that freight train, he scored twice as many as in all the official games of the Spartak period.

Domenico Tedesco spent the first training camp at Spartak, and immediately after them he won the derby against Dynamo in the RPL, then even brighter – the quarterfinals of the Russian Cup against CSKA in extra time.

True, the season was soon interrupted due to a pandemic, and winter training ceased to play a role. Tedesco went to spend the winter in tenth place, for a covid pause – eighth and eventually raised the team only to seventh place. So Spartak missed European competitions for the first time in five years.

Parimatch Premier Cup 2021: three defeats, a third trophy – and the failure of Vitoria

Rui Vitoria at the first summer tournament of this format eclipsed everyone: now all three matches were won with a total of 13:1. They smashed Sochi, the future silver medalist (4:0), Slutsky’s Rubin (4:0), and Khimki (5:1). Alexander Sobolev scored in every match.

It was here that Leonid Fedun said that such a title is “a trifle, but nice.”

The start of the official season failed: lost two of the first three matches in the RPL, with no chance flew off from Benfica in the Champions League qualification and immediately bogged down in the tenth place of the Premier League, the autumn segment ended ninth.

Only the Europa League pleased: they scored 10 points in the group with Leicester and – which is now especially impressive – Napoli, reached the 1/8 finals from the first place with the brightest ending with a 11-meter save for 90 + 8 from Alexander Selikhov . It’s a pity that this offshoot of the scenario also ended in disappointment – I didn’t play in the playoffs against Leipzig in 2022.


Spartak’s victory at the Winline RPL Winter Cup now reminds a little more than the others, by the way, of the Copa del Sol – in that the team played with a coach who has been working since the beginning of the season and is not at this tournament for the first time dealing with the composition.

Then the Spartacists, after the title, reached silver in the RPL, only Zenit was ahead. Now they are also intermediately in second place in the league, only Zenit is also higher.