March 27, 2023

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Super Bowl Prep: Top Teams of the Season (Rare), Kelsey Brothers Battle, and Rihanna’s Performance

Samsonova is almost in the top 10 (but missed 3 match points in the final), Potapova is also breaking through. Russian tennis players – fire

Samsonova is almost in the top 10 (but missed 3 match points in the final), Potapova is also breaking through. Russian tennis players – fire

Unforgettable night.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, the Super Bowl will take place – the final game of the NFL season (major league in American football) and by far the most popular sporting event in America.

If you are not at all in the subject, but want to delve a little, this text is for you. Read on and get ready for an unforgettable night.

When is the match, where to watch it and who is playing?

Super Bowl BeginsFebruary 13 at 02:30 Moscow time. For those who will watch, Monday morning will be difficult, but it is unlikely that anyone will regret it. The Super Bowl is worth it.

As in all American leagues, the champions of two conferences play in the final match, in the NFL these are the American and National conferences. From the AFC – the Kansas City Chiefs, from the NFC – the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams also earned their first seeds following the results of the regular season – far from always, their owners actually reach the Super Bowl.

The pair is very even, it is impossible to name a clear favorite. Bookmakers give a very small advantage to Philadelphia, but the model from Five Thirty Eight calls Kansas the favorite. It looks like the really strongest and most even teams of the season will play in this Super Bowl, which happens quite rarely. Everything will be decided literally in separate episodes.

There is no official broadcast in Russia, but American football fan communities (for example, 36th Studio or Touchdown TV) will definitely come to the rescue.

Now let’s talk more about teams and players.

Kansas City Chiefs: the best team in recent years, the main superstar of the NFL in the lineup, but alarming for the defense

Kansas is the most consistent successful team in the league in recent years: since the 2018 season, they have reached the conference finals every year, played in two Super Bowls, won one of them. Moral stability is definitely their advantage.

Kansas has a strong offense, especially passing. Traditionally, a couple of days before the Super Bowl, the NFL announces the winners of personal awards. So the title of the most valuable player this year was Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback (the main person of the attack and the whole team) of the Kansas. The news is good, but it can be alarming – the last time the MVP winner managed to win the Super Bowl was already in 1999.

But still, Mahomes right now is the main hope of the Chiefs. Patrick is the most versatile top quarterback in the league who does almost everything at the highest level: reads the opponent’s defense, gives passes to teammates, skillfully gets out of pressure and improvises, clears the ball with his feet.

Mahomes’ main target when passing is tight end Travis Kelsey. Right now, Travis is number one in his position and at his peak. Kelsey is great on short routes, surprisingly agile for his size, and good on blocks. Perfect tight end.

On defense, the Chiefs’ main weapon is lineman Chris Jones, a real thunderstorm for quarterbacks – in the regular season, he scored 15.5 sacks (takes an opposing quarterback with the ball, to put it simply) and is tied for fourth place in the league in this indicator. You can be calm about pressure on the quarterback, defense against a pass is at an acceptable level, but in comparison with other lines, Kansas lags behind defense against a run – and this can become a problem against the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles: perfect balance in all lines, super mobile quarterback and crazy passing rush

The Eagles have had a fantastically balanced team this season, with neither line being a weak point. Therefore, we list what Philadelphia does well.

Gorgeous takeout. Moreover, both the classic – running backs, and the removal of the quarterback. The Eagles climbed into the top 5 in rushing yards in the regular season, led the way in rushing yards, and in the playoffs, they seemed to just pick up the pace: in the Conference Finals, they scored 4 touchdowns with their feet and scored more than 150 yards against the Sun. Francisco”, who have excellent defense against the carry. Madness!

The running game becomes a particularly dangerous weapon if you manage to take the lead quickly – in this case, it becomes trivially profitable to play the run and gradually burn the playing time, leaving the opponent less and less chance of a comeback.

And against passing plays, Philadelphia has another trump card – a pass rush (in simpler terms, pressure on the quarterback in order to reduce his time to make a decision or even capture before he parted with the ball). The Eagles defense sacked a whopping 70 sacks in the regular season (15 more than their closest pursuers) and 8 more in the playoffs. for any superstar.

At the same time, the Eagles’ passing offense is in perfect order. Before this season, they got a great receiver AJ Brown, adding to the body of receivers and making it more powerful and more diverse. Of course, there is nothing to brag about in comparison with a running attack, but at the right moments it does not fail.

Having listed all the advantages of Philadelphia, we only named at least some player by name at the end – and this is another indicator of the team strength of the Eagles. Separately, quarterback Jalen Herts should also be noted, who finished second in the race for MVP this season. Herts is in his third season in the league and has already reached an excellent level.


One of the strongest sides of a quarterback is the ability to instantly read the opponent’s defensive formations and make the right decisions. Add to this his quick feet and you have a very dangerous player who can both deftly escape pressure for a better pass, and break through the defensive line on his own.

In short, we are in for a confrontation between two very powerful, bright and balanced teams that really deserve to be in the Super Bowl this year.

This Super Bowl is also rich in personal stories: the mustachioed Kansas coach will play against the former team, and the Kelsey brothers will be on opposite sides of the ball

For Chiefs coach Andy Reid, this Super Bowl is especially significant – the rivals are the team that he coached from 1999 to 2012 and once led to the Super Bowl (but lost). After 14 years in Philadelphia, he went to Kansas and has already achieved great success here: since 2013, this is his third Super Bowl, one of which he won.

The teams are connected not only by the figure of the head coach of the Chiefs. We have already said about the Chiefs tight end Travis Kelsey, but his older brother Jason plays in the Eagles. At the same time, we will not see them against each other on the field, Jason also plays in attack in the center position.

Who is playing during the break?

The halftime show is one of the jewels of the Super Bowl, often discussed even more than the game itself. Performing artists are always paid $0, but performing at the Super Bowl = getting a huge dose of fame and high chart ratings for weeks ahead.