March 26, 2023

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Talent from the Netherlands returned to Juventus after a conflict with the criminal world and bringing to the police

necessary and sufficient. How the Jets are approaching the end of the regular season

necessary and sufficient. How the Jets are approaching the end of the regular season

Meet Mohammed Ihattaren.

Dutch midfielder Mohammed Ihattaren is one of the most talked about talents in Europe. But he is most often noticeable outside the field – Mohammed has problems with the law and discipline.

Ihattaren is a graduate of PSV. There he argued in training, did not complete game tasks and gained excess weight.

Ihattaren is only 21, but there are already a lot of stories behind him . The guy was brought up by PSV, and in the summer of 2021, Juventus noticed him and took him for 2 million euros. The price seemed too low, because Ihattaren often played for the Dutch top club and was even called up to the Dutch national team.

It turned out that the junior had problems with discipline. Once, PSV could not stand it and removed him from the base: all because of excessive emotions after missing the start for the 1/16 Europa League match against Olympiacos.

And this was not the first joint: Ihattaren warned about the disease, but immediately left for Nice to Mino Raiola. Also on the list: non-attendance at events of sponsors, disputes in training, failure to complete game tasks, problems with being overweight. The Dutch media wrote that Mohammed had changed a lot after the death of his father.

Mohammed left Juve on loan, asked to go home – and disappeared

After making a deal with PSV, Juventus immediately sent Ihattaren on loan to Sampdoria – he arrived there with a margin of 5 kg. At the same time, Turintsy even prescribed bonuses for minutes on the field and goals – the grand would have paid extra for the success of the Dutchman.

In “Sampa” Mohammed was forced to lose weight, but the attempts failed. The result: one hit in the application (immediately after the transition), not a single minute on the field and another scandal.

Ihattaren just disappeared. The football player called the club’s sports director Daniele Faggiano and said that he was going home for family reasons – that’s all, he no longer got in touch. In Utrecht, where the footballer’s family lived, he was also not seen.

It turned out that Ihattaren fell into depression and withdrew into himself. Mohammed did not want to return to Italy: he was lucky that Ajax was nearby, who rented a football player. But even the usual championship did not help him: Mohammed scored only 4 game minutes in the adult team.

Ihattaren had legal troubles but is now back at Juventus and wants to get back in shape

Before the World Cup, Wesley Sneijder said he was ready to help the junior get back in shape, but later explained that Ihattaren could not fully focus on football. In the Netherlands, there were rumors about the football player’s connections with organized crime.

Because of this, Ihattaren lost his car: according to De Telegraaf, his Porsche Panamera worth about 180 thousand euros was burned in Utrecht. Perhaps the player had a conflict with representatives of the criminal world. Dutch investigators saw known criminals “in close proximity to Ihattaren and his family.” Then they even visited his car.

The football player was probably threatened because of his connections with the popular tiktoker Yasmin. At the end of 2022, they got married, although the Yasmin family was against this relationship.

The girl showed a ring resembling an engagement ring on social networks, but the relationship quickly ended. And in February 2023, the football player got into the police – the second time in three months. In November, Ihattaren was arrested for making threats (whose address was never reported), and now he is suspected of attacking Yasmin – and these cases are in no way connected.

The house of Ihattaren was searched. The front door was broken into and a sign was hung on it saying that the football player can pick up a new key at the police station. As a result, the player was interrogated, then he was in custody.

But Mohammed was quickly released, and he is already training at the Juventus base. “We are defined by how well we come back after setbacks,” he said against the backdrop of the Allianz Stadium in Turin.