March 27, 2023

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Tebas threatens Barça: no transfers unless there are big sales. And no leverage

Laporta is calm.

If you thought Barcelona were on the mend – leading the league by a margin, beating Real Madrid in the first semi-final of the Copa del Rey – then Javier Tebas is in a hurry to disappoint you.

The President of La Liga came to the Business in Football forum organized by the Financial Times in London. And there he said that Barca fans should not hope for high-profile transfers next summer.

Tebas claims that Barça’s budget is minus 200 million euros. Need to sell a lot of players

“Currently, there is no free money in Barcelona’s budget for the next transfer window. The club is accused of inappropriate behavior, which has also affected the reputation of La Liga. And we act accordingly.

We have ruled that they cannot sign new players. Last year, they sold television rights for 700 million euros, they were looking for other solutions and ways out of the situation. But next season it won’t work.

We prevented Barcelona from signing new players this winter. The same will happen in the summer – they will not have such an opportunity.

We have strict economic controls. At the end of each window, we tell all La Liga clubs how much they can spend. In the case of Barcelona, ​​it is necessary to reduce the cost of transfers and the salaries of players from 650 to 450 million euros. So now they have a budget of minus 200 million.

We suggest that they sell players because Barcelona will be able to spend 40% of the amount they receive from outgoing transfers on purchases.”

The head of La Liga has recently been actively criticizing the Catalan club and Joan Laporta personally. The reason for the latest raids is the Negreira case . Barcelona paid millions to the vice-head of the judiciary for advice. Tebas requires clarification from the club on this matter.

Laporta believes that there are no problems, and Tebas just hates Barça

• However, Barcelona president Joan Laporta is optimistic and believes the club has no financial problems. Here’s what he said last month.

“The departure of Antoine Griezmann and Gerard Piqué has freed up the club around €90m for next season – money that has yet to be factored into the league’s calculations of what Barcelona could spend next summer. So we don’t have to sell players – we will strengthen the roster.”

• Back in February, when the “Negreira affair” flared up, Laporta also spoke about Tebas:

“We have been warned thatTebas launched a campaign to destroy the reputation against Barcelona and me personally. The masks have been dropped. He is obsessed with Barça and is afraid of the success of our club“.

• However, at the beginning of the year, Barcelona were fined by La Liga for violating financial fair play. Then they said that problems with the law arose because of the transfers of Dani Alves and Andreas Christensen, as well as the new contract of Araujo.

Barcelona were fined 800,000 euros.

• In December, Diario Sport wrote that La Liga would change the financial rules – now financial leverage will not help. The League will prohibit the sale of rights to the necessary assets as a guarantee of future success.

True, the levers of Barcelona did not work to the fullest. It was not possible to completely cover the hole in the salary fund. Catalunya Radio reported back in January that the club would have to sell players in the summer.

• If you still have to sell some of the important players in the summer, Xavi will be very upset. In January, he said that he was satisfied with the current line-up and would not change anything: “I am very satisfied with what I have. If we don’t touch anything, it will be perfect.”