May 27, 2023

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The behavior of goalkeeper Martinez is the worst thing that happens to Argentina after winning the World Cup: hardly anyone treated the opponent so disrespectfully before him

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Completely overshadows all his merits as a goalkeeper.

Martinez is absolutely the best goalkeeper of the last World Cup. He “God” in the penalty shootout, took a crazy shot in the last seconds of overtime in the final, incredibly talented in pissing off the French during the penalty shootout, but then…

After the final, Emiliano, along with Emmanuel (who is Macron), approached Mbappe and, seemingly encouragingly, but at the same time very defiantly, hit the Frenchman on the cheek.

Further – worse. During the celebration of the victory in the locker room, the Argentines sang the words “minute of silence” in chorus. Martinez then shouted “for Mbappe who died”.

They flew to Argentina, and for some reason he brought a baby doll in the mask of a disgruntled Mbappe to the championship parade.

But at the stadium during a joint photo, he behaved very respectfully.

And don’t forget about the level at which Martinez plays. During his career, he spent only 2 seasons as the main goalkeeper of the club from the TOP leagues – Aston Villa.

And as many experts have noted, Mbappe will not have a chance to respond to such rudeness with something more than a hat-trick that he scored against Martinez in the final.

In 4 years, Martinez will be 34 and it’s not a fact that he will go to the New World for the World Cup, but the probability of meeting PSG with Aston Villa is not high, given the level of the English club.