May 27, 2023

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The best goalkeepers in the Premier League right now: Alisson is divinely dragging, Martinez is the boldest in crosses

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There is no De Gea in the tops.

Squawka, based on data from Opta, has collected the top goalkeepers in the Premier League in five categories. Here are not only goals avoided, but also important characteristics of a modern goalkeeper: crossings, saves after shots from the box, accuracy of long passes and the ability to get out of the box on time.

Important note: in order not to give anyone a head start, we took the data before the restart of the Premier League.

• The Opta model calculates goals avoided using the formula “opponent-created xG minus actual goals conceded”. There is another counting model – PSxG (+/-). It takes into account more criteria – the quality of the shot (position, angle, number of defenders on the line) and the actual result (whether there was a goal). According to Fbref, Alisson saved Liverpool from eight goals (+8.3 PSxG).

• Yes, Marek Rodak made it to the top with 0 avoided ‎− for the rest of the goalkeepers minus.

•‎ Pickford is not only the best in free kick saves, but also in the top 2 in total saves (62). Only Brentford’s David Raya is higher with 70 saves.

•‎ Ederson’s passes are Pep’s secret weapon. The Brazilian already has 2 assists in the Premier League, and Guardiola quotes him even higher than his famous colleagues: “Ederson is the best goalkeeper in terms of assists. Yes, Victor Valdez and Manuel Neuer were good with their feet, but it was Ederson who had the best passing quality.”

Burnley coach Sean Dyche said in 2018 about Ederson’s powerful and accurate forward passes: “It’s like having Ronald Koeman in the goal.”

•‎ Another point for Nick Pope – the best (so far) record for matches to zero. The Newcastle keeper is the sole leader – he has 8 matches without missing.

•‎ A point worth paying attention to Ten Hag: Dean Henderson, even at Nottingham, shows the qualities of a goalkeeper that the new Manchester United need.

•‎ Non-crossing fact about Martinez. Amy is one of only six Premier League goalkeepers to save a penalty this season.