March 27, 2023

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The best in the Champions League according to the laws of Fantasy: surprise goalkeeper, opening defender and Real Madrid leaders

The NBA is full of great dunkers. But why don’t they participate in the slamdunk contest

The NBA is full of great dunkers. But why don’t they participate in the slamdunk contest

The Champions League playoffs in Fantasy is an unusual tournament where you have to change the whole team every time. The more curious the results!

Key principles of this team:

• roster – the best you could get on the tour if you assemble a team according to fantasy rules (total cost – 100, maximum three players from one club, if points are equal, the cheaper one passes).

• this is not a team of one of the real players, and even more so not the editorial team

• the players in the picture are not arranged as in a tactical scheme, but simply divided by position: into defenders-midfielders-forwards.

• we count the points without taking into account the captain – because the captaincy is already a superstructure, doubling up would prevent us from clearly comparing tours and fantasy heroes.

Main characters:

🤩 Surprisingly, Kevin Trapp is the most effective goalkeeper even with two goals conceded. All thanks to a repulsed penalty from Khvichi. Perhaps the main surprise of the tour is also cheap.

🤩 Giovanni Di Lorenzo is also an unexpected hero. The defender with a goal and a clean sheet was the best choice in defense. The Italian from Napoli was taken by every fifth fantasy manager. Prudently!

🤩 Vinicius is the main star of the tour. The Brazilian made 2+1 against Liverpool and justified the purchase for 8.5. Expensive, rich, very successful.

🤩 Mohamed Salah is almost the only one in Liverpool whose choice you can rejoice. He has 1+1, both goals with his participation. This is not enough to win, but for the team of the tour – more than.

🤩 Cool 12 minutes of Karim Benzema , his first goals in this Champions League brought him to the tour team. Let the goals of Vinicius were more important for the plot, and the Frenchman only finished off, on points in fantasy – the same thing, because a double plus an assist.

We remind you: you have 11 days to prepare the team for the third round of the Fantasy Champions League, for the first return legs of the 1/8 finals. There is no limit on substitutions, you can take three from one team.