March 22, 2023

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The best texts of the week in blogs: 10 most hated football players in Russia and a map of Britain from 1500 football emblems

Samsonova is almost in the top 10 (but missed 3 match points in the final), Potapova is also breaking through. Russian tennis players – fire

Samsonova is almost in the top 10 (but missed 3 match points in the final), Potapova is also breaking through. Russian tennis players – fire

Hello! This is a new selection of good Tribune texts that you may have missed last week (January 30 to February 5). Before starting, let me remind you:

•‎ this is definitely not the “top posts of the week” – we just collected cool posts from bloggers who could get lost in the stream;

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Happy reading and let’s go.

UK football emblem map – 1500 clubs involved!

Monumental map from the emblems of football clubs. The English have not forgotten their neighbors from Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish football – an original poster of the entire country has been released.

Historical moment: the referee explained the decision of the VAR into the microphone. We saw it live at the Club World Cup

Al-Ahly vs Auckland was mediocre until the 94th minute. Yes, yes, with the score 3:0 in favor of the team from Cairo, the main thing happened not only in the match, but, perhaps, in the entire tournament.

“I walk every meter of the track with my feet and highlight all the holes.” Russian drift commentator falls in love with his sport

A conversation with Nikolai Svistun, who can rightfully bear the title of “Voice of RDS”, because he has been commenting on the Russian Drift Series competitions since their inception.

Fights without removals, 0 goals from shootouts in 2 days and felt boots as a new threat to the 5×5 format. What hockey looks like in the Tambov region

Blog “Periphery” with a new atmospheric report about amateur regional hockey.


10 most hated Russian football players. Scandalous transfers, big contracts and overrated talent

Russian football has always been filled with anti-heroes. Some have earned hatred with scandalous transfers, others with conflicts in the locker room, and still others have even been in prison! It’s time to finally list everyone who was hated in Russian football.

An Argentinian paints works of art in the colors of Boca Juniors. There is even Ivan the Terrible by Repin

Meet the Argentine publicist Bruno Akanfora, who is on fire in social networks, where he shares the creation of “bokarta”. The word was coined by him to refer to the interventions of world-famous works of art with the colors and symbols of Boca Juniors.

🔥Wow, in hockey they also score with their heads! It’s very beautiful – proved by the youth team of “Spartak”

One of the most interesting goals was scored by Spartak youth striker Alexander Tochilkin. After Kirill Shumilov’s throw, the puck hit his partner’s head, due to which it changed its trajectory and flew right into the top nine. Hockey player reaction − ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Belgorod Schumacher” was taken to “F-3”. A step towards F-1? How good is he?

On January 30, the Formula 3 team Jenzer announced the signing of a contract with Nikita Bedrin – an event in the current situation is not an ordinary one, especially considering that initially in the 2023 season there could be no Russians in the Formula 1 support series at all .

⚡ Results of the first part of the RPL-2022/23 season: the most productive players in the league

The Engineering Approach blog continues to sum up the interim results of the Russian football season – this time the focus is on the most productive players of the clubs and the championship as a whole.

Jorginho is the toughest player in the new Chelsea. He was recognized as a top, but not completely trusted

At the start of his British career, Jorginho was perceived simply. Maurizio Sarri arrived, asked for a transfer – Marina Granovskaya went forward. The Italian approached his departure to Arsenal as almost the most controversial figure in Chelsea. There are several reasons.