June 9, 2023

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The best texts of the week on blogs: Pele and Europe, the final of the World Cup in the house of Maradona and the list of players who retired in 2022

Hello! This is a new selection of good Tribune texts that you may have missed last week (December 19-25). Before starting, let me remind you:

•‎ this is definitely not the “top posts of the week” – we just collected cool posts from bloggers who could get lost in the stream;

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Happy reading and let’s go.

We watched the World Cup final in Maradona’s house: there are a lot of tears and no beer

A big report from Buenos Aires – inside the nuclear 40 minutes of video and text version.

Missed the first round of the Pro League? Here are 20 highlights! A cheeky newcomer, a powerful leader, fan protests and a lot of resignations

The second round of the regular season has started in Belgium. It’s time to remember (and if you didn’t follow at all, find out) what was interesting in the first one.

Kaleshin on an internship with Larionov in hockey “Torpedo” – how and why was it? The coach tells

Akron head coach Evgeny Kaleshin spoke about his observations after a trip to Nizhny Novgorod, where he completed an internship at Torpedo. Yes, yes, a football coach in the KHL club. Inside the Togliatti coach’s monologue – with impressions of an unusual experience.

Playing in Australia and Puerto Rico, a career in the NBA, a favorite combination in Samara. First interview of James Ennis in Russia

The arrival of James Ennis, an ex-NBA player, to Samara this summer is one of the main events in the VTB United League. The experienced American forward, who played with Dwyane Wade, Vince Carter, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, James Harden and Nikola Jokic, brought the flair of the best league in the world to the game of the newcomer of the Samara League and became one of the leaders of the team.

Players who retired in 2022

Photo post about how fast time flies. Beware, there are too many legends.

The atmosphere outside of the top leagues is high! Austrian Alps, ancient castles and provincial villages – football is everywhere

This year’s last release of exciting trips through the cellars of European football.

In “Real” – the third Russian! Daniil Stolbetsky is 15 years old, he was in CSKA and can grow up to 215 cm

It seems incredible, but over the past year and a half, three people have already left Russia for the youth teams of Real Madrid. You know two: “Interception” spoke in detail about Yegor Demin and Vadim Vorontsov. Now the third Russian has gone the same route – this is 15-year-old Daniil Stolbetsky.

“In Moscow, everyone has 2 cars, there is a special mentality. That is why Muscovites are not liked in Russia.” Zadorov’s fiery stories – Americans are in shock

The Hockey Books blog has fully translated two fiery autobiographies – Phil Esposito and Sean Avery, a very smart book about hockey analytics, a book about youth hockey with a lot of interesting stories, and also periodically posts transcripts of the coolest hockey podcast. This is just such a case – get ready, there are kilometers of letters ahead.

Federico Chiesa took our luggage and did not contact us for two days. How we were touched by the triumph of Argentina

A couple from St. Petersburg spent the entire World Cup talking about the tournament from Qatar. During the relegation, another story happened to Konstantin and Marina, because of which they even had to write to the Juventus player.

Point J: How and why Juventus changed their image so drastically

The blog about the Turin club recalled the main sports rebranding of 2017.

Pele and Europe. Was it necessary?

Is it fair to say that Pele’s greatness is less significant because of playing at home? Was Europe of those years professional? The main Brazilian blog on the Joga bonito Tribune is being sorted out.