June 7, 2023

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The Clippers Curse Exists! For 50 years, they have been unable to reach the finals due to injuries, draft misses and last-second errors

Things are bad for SKA: 0 goals (2nd time in a season), Gusev was put on the bench, they failed in the minority

Things are bad for SKA: 0 goals (2nd time in a season), Gusev was put on the bench, they failed in the minority

You won’t believe it, but…

Before this season, the Clippers seemed to be the clear favorites. They have a leader back who has proven to be second to none in this league. Their second star seemed to have overcome eternal psychological complexes and was filled with confidence to the point that she went to blow up the media market. Their owner was ready to pay for the deepest roster, the general manager was looking for new options for strengthening (already in the course of the regular season they received Eric Gordon, Bones Highland, Mason Plumley and Russell Westbrook), and their coach showed that he masterfully knows how to use all this diversity.   

The Clippers seem to have deceived everyone and reinsured themselves for all occasions. They even tried to overcome the traumatic nature of their stars by actually becoming the first club that frankly did not give a damn about the regular season: they gave the main players maximum rest, resorted to a long rotation, used a variety of combinations and tried to rely on the leaders to a minimum …

Still, the Clippers were still the Clippers.

On the one hand, all expectations were confirmed: Lenard was the playoff MVP in the two games he played, Tai Liu confused the Suns with an ever-transforming defense, even without two stars, the Clippers did not lose competitiveness in the series, Steve Ballmer turned out to be the best fan …

On the other hand, all expectations were confirmed: Paul George became the only star player who was eliminated before the playoffs, the Clippers, by a strange coincidence, went to the Suns, with Durant turned into the most stellar team in the West, and Kawhi was enough with an increased workload. for two matches. And in the end, the super-rich, ultra-deep Los Angeles club ended up being led by Russell Westbrook in a $785,000 food run.

The Clippers are not the ones under Donald Sterling. But everything that happens to them still causes mystical horror. Because everything that has happened resonates with the paranormal dynamics that always accompany officially the “worst club in history”.

Nobody believes in curses, but it’s hard to rationalize all the failures that have plagued the club for the past 50 years.

How did the curse come about?

Any self-respecting thriller needs an Indian cemetery. Here it certainly is.

The Clippers were born in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves. From the very beginning, they identify themselves with the indigenous population of America – on the first logo you can see a bison and something resembling a traditional headdress. The name “Braves” accordingly also refers to the brave Indian warriors.  

Yes, that’s the trouble. A few years later, the club comes to a philosophy that seems to be contrary to the very meaning of the existence of basketball teams, but which, nevertheless, forever sticks to the franchise. This philosophy is very simple: the Braves deliberately make the team worse and deliberately scare the fans away from themselves.

It turns out that’s why.

In Buffalo, the Braves have very tough competition. In addition to the Sabers, they clash with the Canisius Golden Griffins varsity basketball team, who deliberately occupy the arena on convenient days, which is why the Braves even sometimes have to play in Toronto at the Maple Leafs arena.

But the Braves can’t move elsewhere: when they try, the city files a $10 million lawsuit against them. And all they are trying to achieve is a condition according to which the move becomes possible only if the average attendance falls below 4.5 thousand viewers.