June 7, 2023

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The controversial goal brought Juventus victory over Inter. Did you count correctly?

Fan ID and stands: 5 anti-records of the season in 8 matches, less than 10 thousand for CSKA – Zenit

Fan ID and stands: 5 anti-records of the season in 8 matches, less than 10 thousand for CSKA – Zenit

Two hands in one episode.

Juventus, after deducting 15 points, is gradually rising: now they beat Inter (1: 0) and got even closer to the European Cup zone.

The main refereeing moment: perhaps before the goal the ball fell into the hands of Vlahovic and Rabiot

First, let’s take a look at the goal itself. It is important to look at it in dynamics, so that later you can dive into the details.

Adrien Rabiot saw that none of the Milanese were at the corner of the penalty area and rolled the ball in there. Filip Kostic calmly accepted, prepared a shot from the left and shot into the far corner.

The chief referee of the match, Daniele Chiffi, counted the ball, but the VAR assistant immediately turned to him. On the replay, it seemed that the ball hit the hand and Rabiot…

… and Vlahovich.

Why was the goal counted?

The arbitrators analyzed the moment for several minutes, but Kiffi’s decision still remained in force.

It seems that none of this couple had an accented hand, although the Inter players argued for a long time.

Former referee Anatoly Sinyaev , author of the Ale, Ref telegram channel, is on the side of Kiffi. “A goal is canceled if the ball hits either hand, after which a goal is immediately scored. I saw one hand – it is in a natural position. Goal counted correctly.

But then Sinyaev saw the moment from a different angle and changed his point of view: “In the broadcast, only Rabiot’s hand was visible. If there is a touch of the hand and the ball, then there are also grounds for canceling the goal. The hand moves towards the ball, Vlahovic plays with it. Accordingly, the hand in the attack phase is punishable.

Kostic scored Juventus’ 100th away goal against Inter in Serie A, second only to Milan (117) for whom this is almost a non-exit.