March 22, 2023

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The “dynasty” of cupcakes has exhausted itself. Supertrio Durant-Irving-Harden is 1 series won in 4 years and 100500 absurdities

Not everything is going well for Smolnikov with Loko. This is his third visit to the club, which he was offended by.

Not everything is going well for Smolnikov with Loko. This is his third visit to the club, which he was offended by.

Kings of the Absurd.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s all Bill Simmons’ fault.

Seriously, somehow the boss of Grantland/Ringer just happens to direct the entire career of one of the best players of a generation.

It was he who consistently smashed the leadership of “Choklahoma” for the hasty exchange of Harden and the inability to build a championship team with three future MVPs. Durant, as it turned out later, carefully consumed all these tiresome mockery, passed through himself and suffered.

And it was he who gave Durant the idea that maybe Kyrie Irving would be as good as Steph Curry and it would be fun to team up with him someday. A strange conversation took place just after the 2017 finals, when KD finally felt like the best basketball player on the planet.

Yes, it’s so ridiculous. I would like to believe that Durant changed his mind about demanding an exchange last summer, not after this idea was condemned by the same Bill Simmons.

And the same Simmons, in the latest edition of the text on the value of players in the market, said: “I’m willing to bet that the Nets are not the last club in Durant’s career” …

It was precisely through such a strange intervention that we witnessed unprecedented events before the trade deadline:it has never happened before that a contender for the championship took himself apart on the go.


The cupcake trio’s Brooklyn was supposed to be the superteam of the post-Golden State era, but it turned out to be just an illustration of what happens when great power doesn’t come with great responsibility. LeBron-Prometheus brought absolute influence to NBA superstars, but it quickly became clear that, unlike him, not everyone wants to use him to put all the resources into team building, but rather just to do whatever their heart desires. And if your heart desires to publish links to strange films, then everything else can burn.

A turbulent summer, an anti-Semitic scandal, and the dismissal of a coach did not prevent the Nets from becoming the best team in the regular season. After kicking off Steve Nash, they went 18-2 before Durant broke. This is powerful, not so much on its own, but against the backdrop of parity and vagueness reigning in the league this year: “Brooklyn was not perfect, but compared to the rest – discarding everything unnecessary and taking Ben Simmons for re-education – it seemed perhaps the most stable and balanced that there is in general in this championship. Theoretically, they still needed size to counter the monsters of the East, but in the meantime, Claxton turned into a contender for Mr. Castle, Jacque Vaughn proved himself a wizard, Cam Thomas revived linsensity, Irving was rehabilitated after returning and got into the start of the All-Star Game, Durant all past injuries did not interfere with the bombing from the middle, as no one did …

Too many positive things happened. So Kairi again felt the need to do something like that (he has a timer for such cases, showing that it’s time to make a fuss).

There are different opinions as to what provoked it.

According to the club, the Nets tried to include clauses in the future contract that would prevent the player from further harming himself and the organization he represents by posting on social networks. Which is logical if you have a remote idea of ​​who Irving is.

According to Irving, the Nets were trying to force him with options “tied to winning the championship.” It is not entirely clear what this could even mean, according to those who leaked such nonsense to insiders as an explanation that for the player, not everything comes down to money.

In the end, realizing that right now it was necessary to attend to the terms of the future agreement right now, Kyrie decided that it was quite possible to blow everything to hell without understanding how the season was going there. Kevin Durant, as he always has done in situations like this before, has found himself in the role of a spectator (or hostage) – he gave the last four years of his career to a dude who is clearly not interested in all this overrated “ring culture” of yours.