March 27, 2023

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The epic fail of the Boston player – he shouted that he would hit free throws in the last second, missed both and lost

Higuain explained how his roles in Madrid, Sarri’s Napoli and Allegri’s Juve differed. Gonzalo’s answer made the interlocutors laugh

Higuain explained how his roles in Madrid, Sarri’s Napoli and Allegri’s Juve differed. Gonzalo’s answer made the interlocutors laugh

Grant Williams made me laugh.

Boston is in a fever – most recently the Celtics were at the top of the standings, and now they have three defeats in a row and four in their last five games.And each one is louder than the previous one.

On Friday, the Celtics lost a 28-point home court advantage over Brooklyn (a Frankenstein team built from Dallas and Phoenix parts) in the worst record of the season.

Two days later, they repeated the trick with the Knicks, while NBA leader Jaylen Brunson, the player of the month in the NBA, did not even play for the New Yorkers. “Boston” smashed the opponent in the first quarter (+15), then lost everything and fell behind, miraculously escaped in the end and pulled ahead in overtime, only to again fold in half on the parquet of their native “Garden”.

Today is another fiasco. The Celtics were leading the entire game against the Caves: +13 before the big break, +15 in the third quarter, +11 with five minutes left…

And as usual, it all evaporated. During these 5 minutes, “Boston” hit the game only twice. From the foul line – two more points.

And it was on free throws that the main comedy of the day played out.

It doesn’t matter who is playing for Boston now – everyone will fail at decisive moments. The Greens weren’t even expected to win today because three starters, including Tatum, didn’t show up to Cleveland for Game 2 in two days. But the very way to lose turned out to be bright, you don’t see it every time.

After an uncertain three-pointer from Derrick White, Boston took the lead again – plus 2 with 13 seconds left. “Cleveland” with difficulty organized an attack for Donovan Mitchell, who, after an unsuccessful passage under the ring, was overtaken by a belated whistle from the referee – Grant Williams fouled.

The young Williams turned on and went on a trash talk attack on Donovan. Unsuccessfully: he hit both and equalized. Boston still had 6 seconds left – they managed to run to the ring, but they didn’t push the winning ball there.

Final whistle, overtime? Wait, you haven’t seen everything yet. The arbitrators find the foul already ON Grant Williams, who was fighting for the rebound, and send him to win the match on the penalty line.

Grant doesn’t shut up, keeps talking to Mitchell anddeclares: “Yes, I will get both free throws”(for victory, one would be enough – well, and fight back in 0.8 seconds from a reciprocal saving attack).

(Cleveland risked a timeout between Grant’s free throws to freeze the thrower, but Williams appeared to freeze on his own and didn’t unfreeze in 45 seconds of timeout)

The score 109:109 is kept.Overtime is an almost guaranteed defeat for Boston:they have lost seven of their eight matches in overtime this season against Eastern clubs. Twice to New York, once to Miami, Milwaukee. And already three times (!) “Cleveland”.

As expected, the overtime was terrible, with only Jaylen Brown (5) scoring points for the Celtics, and he missed more often. Grant Williams, after his disgrace at the end of regular time, was seated in overtime on the bench, releasing only a minute before the end – the coach preferred veteran Mike Muscala, who was in Boston for only a month, to the talker.