March 27, 2023

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The Fiorentina captain scored from his own half – the opponent saw a fair play violation. Who is right?

Faroe Islands, Isle of Man and Froya. We are talking about the tournament in which only athletes from the islands compete

Faroe Islands, Isle of Man and Froya. We are talking about the tournament in which only athletes from the islands compete

The Fiorentina coach praised the captain.

Fiorentina won for the first time in 4 rounds of Serie A, having dismantled Verona with a score of 3:0 away. She put an end to a very debatable goal – Cristiano Biragi perfectly put a free-kick from his own half of the field.

In the 89th minute, the captain of Fiorentina got his bearings in a peculiar way: while the Verona player helped Fiorentina midfielder Rolando Mandragora, who had earned a foul in his half of the field, get to his feet, Biraghi simply took and shot goalkeeper Lorenzo Montipo by the collar. Yes, I did it with the score 2:0.

Everything was so fast that in the TV broadcast the goal was not even shown live, playing a replay of the episode with the Verona violation.

The players of “Verona” attacked the referee demanding to cancel the goal – they pointed out that everyone was distracted by Mandragora lying on the ground. The fans were also unhappy. The referee was not going to show a yellow card and did not ask to keep a distance, and the player who was fouled did not ask for a doctor. There was no reason to cancel.

At this time Biraghi was celebrating a goal. He pointed to the sky – as it turned out, he dedicated the ball to Davide Astori, who died 5 years ago, on March 4, 2018.

After the final whistle, the referee had to defend Biraghi from the Verona players – they wanted to tell the Fiorentina captain everything they thought about his trick.

After the match, statistics appeared. Biraghi hit the goal from a distance of 57.91 meters. This is the furthest goal in Serie A in 10 years. It is curious that then, from 61.5 meters, another Fiorentina defender, Facundo Roncalla, laid.

Despite the dissatisfaction of the opponents, Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Italiano praised Biraghi: “He did everything perfectly. Such situations do not happen very often. He deserves credit for both insight and performance – it’s not easy to hit from such a distance. Christian is our captain, it was a great goal, so we had every right to celebrate it.”