March 27, 2023

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The Manchester United dressing room was divided over Greenwood’s return. Many players ‘have serious concerns

Cucurella almost does not pass on Mudrik. This pissed off both Mikhail and the Chelsea fans

Cucurella almost does not pass on Mudrik. This pissed off both Mikhail and the Chelsea fans

There seems to be no way back.

There is no consensus in the Manchester United dressing room as to whether Mason Greenwood should return to the club.

Greenwood, 21, was suspended by United in January last year after he was accused of assaulting his girlfriend. He was later arrested, but all charges have now been dropped due to “withdrawal of key witnesses” and the emergence of “new material”.

Although Mason is no longer under investigation, the club is in no hurry to return him and is conducting an internal investigation.

Of course, Manchester United players have their own idea of ​​this situation. The Times reports that opinion was divided in the dressing room about the striker’s potential return.

The article alleges that some players on the United men’s team have “serious misgivings” about Greenwood’s return. However, the rest “won’t mind” him resuming his career at Old Trafford given that he has not been found guilty of any crime.

It is also known that some players of the United women’s team are “seriously concerned” about the possibility of Mason’s return. They would be unhappy if Greenwood were allowed to return to the training base in Carrington, which they share with the men’s team.

Other female employees of the club will also object to the return of Greenwood, as well as some of the team’s commercial partners.

Greenwood has not played for United since he was arrested 13 months ago. He is training away from Carrington and will not play for United until the investigation is completed.