March 26, 2023

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The name of Anggy Díaz, the 21 year old girl who was beheaded

The name of Anggy Díaz, the 21 year old girl who was beheaded

The name of Anggy Díaz, the 21 year old girl who was beheaded

(CNN Spain) –The name of Anggy Díaz, the 21 year old girl who was beheaded on January 11 , joins the list of victims of domestic violence in the United States. Diaz ended her life in Waller County, northeast of Houston, Texas, at the home she shared with husband Jared Dicus, also 21, whom she married in October and is a murder suspect.

The man told authorities he killed Diaz, under the circumstances being investigated. According to information provided to CNN by Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry, on January 11 authorities received a call informing them of a possible death at a home in the town of Magnolia.

Arriving at the scene, deputies found a horrific sight: Diaz’s head was behind the house and his body was in the house, according to the sheriff.

The area was covered in blood in a “terrible sight,” Guidry said, adding that calls had been received from the same location earlier reporting disturbances. Dicus and Díaz were living on the estate of the suspect’s parents, in a small house next to the main house, and it was Dicus’ parents who sensed something was wrong, approached the young couple’s house and, after realizing what had happened, they called the police.

According to Troy Guidry, Dicus was in the house and confessed to the authorities that he took his wife’s life. The suspect was detained without resistance and his family underwent questioning as part of the investigation. Authorities report that Dicus used a kitchen knife to kill Diaz; weapons are in the hands of the authorities.

In a conversation with CNN, the Waller County sheriff reported that Dicus’ bail was raised from $500,000 to $1 million. District Attorney Sean G. Whittmore said initial bail was not high enough because of the nature of the girl’s death.

He also recalled the suspect’s violent behavior during his November arrest for drunk driving two months before his wife’s death. Whittmore said that during the arrest, Dicus exhibited mood swings and violent behavior, including banging on windows, and was eventually placed in a restraining chair. On that occasion, the suspect was released on $1,000 bail.

The Waller County District Attorney’s Office has filed a murder charge against Dicus, who remains in prison pending a trial date. Angelica Fitzgerald, an employee of the office of criminal attorney Travis Fleetwood, who is representing the suspects, said Dicus’ defense offered no comment at this time.

Surveillance video taken the same day as Diaz’s death appears to show Dicus leaving the supermarket where the woman worked.

The suspect took out a drink, left the premises without paying, took a sip and got into his vehicle and drove away, according to police, who said it was unclear whether this happened before or after his wife was beheaded, but it was the same. day.

Díaz came to the United States from Nicaragua at the age of 18 and worked in a supermarket where he met Dicus. Months later, the couple surprised family and friends by getting married privately last October, Irvin Orellana, the victim’s uncle, told CNN.

The judge who married them, Trey Duhon, revealed on his social networks that he was saddened by the news, and said that in the short time he has lived with the couple, they have been very good. According to Sheriff Guidry, Diaz was undocumented.

At her funeral, her relatives remembered her as a hardworking and optimistic young woman who came in search of the American dream: she loved Chinese food, the color pink, and her favorite tree was the Japanese cherry tree. He works to help his adoptive mother in Nicaragua.

Her biological mother and relatives living in Houston have been devastated by the loss of Díaz, a young woman who was very active on her social network where she was delighted by the positive messages and self-improvement, although according to her co-workers she looked sad and worried at times but was not once complained that she had problems with her husband.

Relatives launched a GoFundMe campaign on January 12 and received more than $37,000 for Díaz’s funeral in Nicaragua. The young woman’s body was received by her departed family and friends with many illusions, with no idea of ​​the sad end that awaited her.

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Irvin Orellana, Díaz’s uncle and organizer of the GoFundMe initiative, told CNN that the young woman’s family is trying to overcome this nightmare. When asked what, if they had ever seen a moment of anger or outburst from Dicus, Orellana said no.

In 2022 they spent Thanksgiving and Christmas together, and it was Dicus who bought gifts for the family.

Orellana says that Dicus expressed satisfaction in sharing this date with them as his family is very quiet.

But from those happy memories, the family shifted to an unsettling reality to learn that on Christmas Eve they had a man in their home who, just two weeks later, confessed to the crime, according to authorities.

The Díaz family are grateful for the community’s expressions of solidarity and compassion and now it is their turn to join the resignation process and find out what happened on January 11 at the newlyweds’ house so that the authorities do justice.

Elena Konstat, a clinical psychologist in Van Nuys, California, told CNN that this is another example of domestic violence which becomes more dramatic when the victim is harmed by being a woman, with few financial resources, with many responsibilities in her country. origin and without documents to work in the United States.

Konstat added that it was important to seek help as soon as possible because silence was not an option in this case.