May 28, 2023

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“The people of Argentina have suffered a lot. Finally, we are happy.” We watched the World Cup final in Maradona’s house: there are a lot of tears and no beer

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Hello! You are on the Foot Tour Rama blog , a new YouTube channel that has been boldly and colorfully talking about the World Cup and everyone around it for the past month. And he continues: yesterday we released a report from Buenos Aires. Philip Kudryavtsev watched the final with the Argentines in the house where Diego Maradona lived, and got to that same obelisk in the center of Buenos Aires.

We strongly advise you to see these nuclear forty minutes. And below is the text version and selected quotes.

It turns out that Argentines, as a rule, watch football (even mega-important ones, like the World Cup final) not in pubs or on big screens, but at home. Even in high-rise buildings they grill meat – asado, which is also respected in the Argentina national team.

Celebrations of the national team glorified the obelisk in the center of Buenos Aires. Fans of Boca Juniors crowded there in the same way – a couple of months ago, in honor of the next championship. Okko correspondent Denis Azarin did not reach the obelisk of 600 meters: there was no crowding.

– At the obelisk they drink beer, they carry it in steep glass holders. There are also characters who sell grass brownies near the fan zone – this is a secret for those who do not have enough euphoria from the World Cup itself.

You need to be more careful with things: “The phone was pulled out in the crowd. They started to push into the crowd with chants, the dude from behind pulled during one of the pushes. I flew, but the phone remained. It’s better to keep an eye on pockets, a backpack in front.”

We will also watch the final at home – at Diego Maradona’s.

It was here that Diego lived in the early 80s (until he left for Barcelona) with Claudia Villafagna. She became the wife of Maradona in the future, the couple lived together for 25 years. In 1983, Maradona suffered a severe ankle injury and returned here while recovering.

As in any backyard in South America, there is a large grill. On the grates – eight butchered beef carcasses!

Fried meat is packed in buns and consumed strictly during the break, before or after the game, but never during. Quique Dominguez, Messi’s children’s coach at Newell’s Old Boys, introduced us to these gastronomic subtleties – do not miss the conversation with him in the next editions of Foot Tour Rama.

Our review: harsh and lived a lot, although here someone is as lucky with a piece.

The house of the legend was acquired by Ariel Garcia – either for half a million euros, or even for 900 thousand. In the yard there is a swimming pool.

Inside – very concise. Although Maradona, according to Ariel, could afford the whole Hermitage. Nothing reminds of the former occupant: the walls are bare (although they still breathe history), the house was intended for demolition. But in December, life is seething here!

Above you saw the balcony – it is also with history: Maradona and his family stood here in 1986 after the previous victory of Argentina at the World Cup. Decorated, of course, with the flag of Argentina:

Usually, Ariel invites only friends here to watch football, but during the World Cup he decided to arrange a fiesta here. So, according to Garcia, Diego would have acted in his place. The entire playoffs, Ariel lets in “everyone who wants, as long as there is room.” Phil wanted!

We bought this house with my brothers because they wanted to demolish it. At first we gathered in a narrow circle at the asado, but the rumors quickly spread. This is madness. This place is the new obelisk!

Watch the finale both inside (there are also crowds of people on several screens), and from the second floor.

The guests are excited, although we are told that they are not unnecessarily nervous: “The house conveys calmness. With this energy, you feel that everything will be fine in the final – you are in Maradona’s house!

View in the sun:

Tears began already after Messi’s first goal from the penalty spot.

The score is 2:0 – and the music and songs are even louder, the fireworks burn even hotter.

What is still not here is beer – although they say that at previous World Cup matches they poured both vodka and liquor (they adore Italian ferne diluted with cola). On the day of the final, mate is drunk instead of alcohol. And this despite +35 overboard!

It is a pity that the former owner of these possessions did not live to see such a holiday. But the locals do not grieve: “If Diego was with us, it would be a fly away. How would he get away! But he is always here. Rooting for us upstairs. For Lionel, for everyone!”

The noise died down when Mbappe scored a double and equalized in a couple of minutes. It is unlikely that you have seen such gloomy Argentinean faces on social networks:

By overtime, the house came alive. The host predicted a 3-2 victory – so Argentina has already won in the finals. When Messi made it 3-2, the ecstasy seemed to peak. The main crowd danced in the thick of it, and someone huddled quietly against the wall.

No wonder they were worried: the final rolled into a penalty shootout. Fans chanted the name of Emiliano Martinez. The tension is insane!

Each blow was accompanied by prayers.

Miss Tchuameni. Victory is getting closer, but there is neither strength nor nerves to rejoice.

Montiel decides the outcome in favor of Argentina! If you haven’t played the video yet, rewind to at least 23:00. Don’t hold back your tears either!

Dancing – in the pool, under a huge flank, with copies of goblets in their hands and scarves

“Foot tour rama” > Nusret Gokce. Such replicas of the trophy flooded Argentina!

The original trophy is in Leo’s hands. It’s not even four days in Buenos Aires and the party is in full swing!

We get to the center of Buenos Aires. Waiting for a bus is pointless, a taxi – too. Walk to the obelisk – three hours.

A glass of beer is as valuable in such inferno as a cup is for Messi. Moreover, happy hours in bars are 2 for the price of 1.

Happy hours are now all over Argentina. To feel them in full, you need to hurry to the obelisk. Luckily, Phil is given a lift by journalist Juanca Jurado.

“One of the nicest days of my life. Didn’t understand what was happening. But now I believe. I believe in Messi, in football. I believe that after so many years of suffering (and our people suffered a lot), now we are very happy! Juanchi sobs at these words. – The most important thing is happy children. They have not seen Maradona, even though they adore him.

The whole of Argentina has been waiting for this moment! And above all those who are not rich. The poorest today are the happiest. They usually don’t have joy. Those who are richer can afford it. The poor are the happiest today!”

Rules for survival at the obelisk:

We stopped 20 blocks from the obelisk, but there was no other way. We stomp along the longest street in the world:

Not a single Dutchman was found on it, but Messi with the question “where are you looking, moron?” – as much as you like.

There are a lot of children here, even very young ones. Not everyone is still aware that they have come into contact with history:

The movement is absolutely chaotic – someone, say, is walking away from the obelisk. But (so far) everything is civilized, without drunken swoons.

The last 150 meters to the obelisk are the most difficult. You can’t get around: this black human shield from the police interferes.

We are on target! The smell of victory = sweat + marijuana. And more beer on top.

Phil completely burned out by the pool, but dodging the jumps and hugs of the Argentines is not an option.

However, being at the epicenter of celebrations for a long time is unbearable. The closer to the obelisk, the more disturbing: the excitement goes over the edge, someone almost got into a fight. And Phil almost lost his phone – the gadget was close to leaving his pocket.

Gradually it gets dark, and the party does not think to subside.

The bus of the Argentine national team did not wait, but the crowds did not become smaller.

How is it, Brazil?