March 22, 2023

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The players of “Shinnik” and the Ukrainian “Minaj” had a fight in Turkey. What is known

Where should Slutsky go? Options – from Zenit to the Brazilian club Abramovich

Where should Slutsky go? Options – from Zenit to the Brazilian club Abramovich

In Turkey, there was a mass brawl involving the players of the Yaroslavl “Shinnik” and the Ukrainian “Minaj”. Both teams ended up at the Royal Seginus Hotel in Antalya, where they spend their winter training camp before the resumption of the season.

What’s happened?

The fight was right. But views on its causes differ.:

•‎ Version of the Russian telegram channel Baza: “Several representatives of Minai approached the head of Shinnik and demanded that he sing the Ukrainian anthem. He suggested that the Ukrainians go out into the street and “sort it out once in a while”, but the hotel staff intervened in the conflict and managed to extinguish it.

After some time, several players of the Ukrainian club ended up in the same elevator with the Shinnik player and beat him up. True, when the elevator arrived on the floor, there was a group of Shinnik footballers standing there, a mass brawl broke out between Russian and Ukrainian players. We had to call the police and an ambulance to the hotel.”

• Shinnik’s press officer, Igor Merezhin, confirmed the fight: “Several people were injured, but nothing serious. There are no fractures, as they say in the media.”

• Defender of “Shinnik” Artem Semeikin in a conversation with “RB Sport” described the episode as follows: “Honestly, I don’t know the whole story, I generally slept in my room. Then he heard shouts and the phrase “Glory to Ukraine”, ran out into the corridor, said: “No, glory to Russia.”

– What’s next?

“I just jumped into the crowd. There were 20 people there. It is clear that I am not Hercules, but when my country is insulted, I think that it is impossible to do otherwise. As soon as I saw inappropriate behavior, I stood up for Russia.”

Semeykin said that in the fight “friendship won”, the conflict was extinguished by the police. Also, according to him, earlier there was an unpleasant incident in the elevator: several Minai players “began to provoke and beat” the football player Shinnik.

•‎ Ukrainian journalist Mikhail Spivakovsky in the TaToTake telegram channel said that the conflict did not arise because of the demand to perform the anthem of Ukraine.

•‎ The Ukrainian YouTube channel “Bombardier” calls the domestic situation the cause of the fight: the Russian player of “Shinnik” was allegedly drunk and rude to the hotel staff, the player “Minaya” made a remark to him, after which the fight began. Then the player “Shinnik” brought teammates, followed by another fight.

•‎ The comment of Oleksandr Kostyuk, a representative of Minai, to the Ukrainian media Strana supplements this version: “It all started in the hall because of the shameful behavior of the Russian football player, who was most likely drunk. He clung to the hotel employee in the toilet, for whom our football player stood up. The Shinnik player called more players, and in the elevator they started to provoke us, shouting: “Glory to Russia, come up to us, we’ll figure it out.” Well, we got up and figured it out. As a result, “Shinnik” – how much they write there – four victims? Well, there will be four. We have the whole team today in training, there are already photos in social networks.

• According to Metaratings, a tourist who is not related to Shinnik and Minay could have provoked the conflict. According to the source, the tipsy tourist shouted “Glory to Russia”, the Ukrainian football players chanted their own slogans in response – and soon a fight broke out.

•‎ “Bombardier” names a specific player “Minaya” who allegedly stood up for a hotel employee – this is 21-year-old striker Daniil Kolesnik. According to the source, the Shinnik player heavily soiled the toilet and clashed with a hotel employee when Kolesnik was nearby.

• According to FNL journalist Sergei Ilyev, four players in Shinnik were badly injured: forward Ilya Gruznov, midfielder Dmitry Samoilov, goalkeeper Mikhail Filippov and defender Artem Semeykin.