March 27, 2023

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“The season is shit, I don’t play.” Richarlison is so mad at Comte that he flared up in an interview

Champions League matches have been delayed for two days in a row in London. Borussia, Tottenham and Milan were late to the stadium

Champions League matches have been delayed for two days in a row in London. Borussia, Tottenham and Milan were late to the stadium

Tottenham completely withered in the spring of 2023: in just a week they flew out of the Champions League and the FA Cup, and even lost in the Premier League to Wolverhampton, who are fighting for survival.

Antonio Conte recently recovered from surgery, arrived at the club – and immediately received criticism from Richarlison. What is even more unpleasant – public.

Richarlison unhappy with playing time

In the return game against Milan, the Brazilian appeared in the 70th minute and was remembered only by the ugly push of goalkeeper Menyan. And in an interview with TNT Sports Brazil, the striker could not stand it: “We defeated West Ham and Chelsea. And suddenly he [Christian Stellini – Conte’s assistant] put me on the bench and released me for five minutes against Wolves. I asked: “Why is that?” He didn’t answer.” 

Then Richarlison spoke about Conte: “The day before the match, he asked me to take a test in the hall to see if I was ready to play. And right before the match left me on the bench. Such things are simply impossible to understand. Let’s see what he says tomorrow, but there are no fools here. I’m professional. I work every day and I want to play. There was enough time.

This season, pardon the expression, is just crap because I don’t play. I had an injury. Entering the field, I am ready to give my life. I had a good two matches. I think I should have started at the start.”

Richarlison doesn’t score at all for Tottenham in the Premier League. He has only one goal match this season.

He gave a very correct definition of his season:

• Richarlison has only scored two goals in 25 matches against Marseille in the Champions League home game. 24 out of 25 games are goalless. But at the 2022 World Cup, Richarlison scored more (3) than for the club in the last seven months (2).

• The Premier League recently completed Matchday 26 without scoring a goal. In six seasons in the Premier League, this is the record for the cleanest streak. Richarlison has always scored at least in the opening games. I had to wait longer in the 2019/20 season – until the fourth round. This was the case until this year.

• Longest goalless streak in the Premier League – 26 games in a row. It was still in Watford. Since then – a maximum of 10 games at Everton. In “Tottenham” – already 17.

• True, Richarlison has only appeared seven times since the opening minutes. In the rest, with the exception of the first round match against Chelsea, he had a maximum of 20 minutes to score. In the Champions League, he has four starts in the group and two substitutions against Milan in the 70th minute. The striker missed a dozen more games due to injuries in the fall and winter.