March 22, 2023

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The team of Spartak players in Loko before Dzyuba. Here Nigmatullin, Sychev, Pavlyuchenko and others

A decent list.

Another Spartak graduate is settling in at Lokomotiv: Artem Dziuba moved to Cherkizovo after an agonizing search for a new club and has already played against his native club. Together with him, another ex-Spartak player, Maxim Glushenkov, moved to Loko in the winter.

There are quite a lot of football players who entered themselves into the history of Lokomotiv after Spartak – enough for the whole team.

Ruslan Nigmatullin (Spartak – 1995-1997; Lokomotiv – 1998-2001, 2003-2004)

Oleg Romantsev pulled Nigmatullin out of Tatarstan when he played brilliantly with Spartak for KAMAZ. True, Ruslan did not succeed in Moscow: in two years he did not become the main one, he regularly made mistakes and lost the competition.

In 1998, he was signed by Lokomotiv – and that’s where Nigmatullin flourished. “Semin of that time, from 1998 to 2001, was just the perfect coach for me. Then the relationship changed. Probably, it was also my fault – now I understand that I let the team down by leaving for Italy, ”said Ruslan.

In 1999-2000, Nigmatullin’s wall stood for 10 matches (941 minutes) – this is a record dry streak in the history of the club. The match with Tyrol was especially memorable: “It was to such a match and the climax of my career that I systematically walked for several seasons. The fact that it happened in that match… First of all, the scandalous decision of UEFA and the incredible integrity of the match had an effect. We can say that the forces of the whole country have been transferred to us.”

About one of the crossbars: “Then I screamed the ball back. Physically, he could no longer do anything – only shout after the blow. There was nothing left in the arsenal. Maybe it helped – the ball hit the crossbar, ”said Nigmatullin.

Soon Nigmatullin left for Verona, but played only one match there. Then he went on loan to CSKA and returned to Italy – he spent the season at Salernitana from Serie B, because the transfer to Lazio failed. And then there was a second arrival at Loko – however, Nigmatullin was no longer so good and sat behind Ovchinnikov. He even admitted that he did not feel involved in the championship and was not happy with that victory.

Vadim Evseev (Spartak – 1993-1999; Lokomotiv – 2000-2006)

Surprisingly, Evseev spent as many years in Spartak as in Lokomotiv. And for the most part, he is associated with Cherkizovo, although he hooked on as many as four championships with Spartak, including the same title of the Yartsev pioneer squad in 1996.

He left for Loko from Spartak only for playing practice. And quickly fell in love with Yuri Semin.

Evseev spent six years in Loko until Anatoly Byshovets appeared in the team. He put out veterans and, in fact, legends of the club from the club: together with Evseev, Dmitry Loskov also went to the exit. With Lokomotiv, the current coach of Shinnik became the champion twice, got into medals, played in European competitions and won the Cup.

“Before going to Lokomotiv for a work book, I looked at Semin. Say goodbye. And he even told me: “If you want, you can finish now and go to work in the club.” In general, I have a good relationship with Lokomotiv. Human. I am equally grateful to Yuri Semin and Valery Filatov. These two people took me to Lokomotiv, and neither one nor the other has ever done anything bad to me in all the years. I am grateful to Spartak for allowing me to prove myself as a footballer there. Semin and Filatov made me not only a player, but also a person, ”said Evseev.