March 22, 2023

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“There will be a chemical explosion.” Magomed Ismailov defeated Ivan Shtyrkov again – now in boxing

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Goncalo Ramos tormented Brugge – 2+1. How is he doing after the World Cup

Included the promised swings.

Magomed Ismailov and Ivan Shtyrkov had a boxing fight at the RCC Boxing tournament in Yekaterinburg. Both are MMA fighters but are now promoting themselves as boxers and have made their heavyweight debuts. The RCC announced the fight in the style of the movie “Troy”:

Before the fight, ex-UFC champion Petr Yan turned to them: “Make some noise in the Urals. Such fights draw a lot of attention to boxing. So why not?”

How did the boxing fight between Ismailov and Shtyrkov turn out?

“There will be a chemical explosion.” Ismailov and Shtyrkov have already fought in MMA, and now they have reached 93 kg in boxing

Ismailov and Shtyrkov met each other in 2020 at the ACA 115 tournament, where they fought according to MMA rules. Then Ismailov won by unanimous decision. “Sorry. And it hurts inside of me. Yes, I do not see abrasions. But my head hurts, ”Ismailov said after the fight and kissed Shtyrkov on the forehead.

“All these names: Mineev … They knock on my head and fly off. And in my head only Vanya now. It’s in my head, and something needs to be done about it, ”Ismailov said before their new fight. At the same time, he developed that there would be a chemical explosion in the ring, and turned to the opponent: “I hope that during the time since our last fight, Vanya has not discovered some new chemistry for himself.”

According to coach Ramazan Ismailov, the boxing fight will take place in the 93 kg weight category at the initiative of Shtyrkov: “We wanted the fight to take place in the boxing weight limit of the first heavy weight, that is, for the athletes to weigh 90.7 kg. At the same time, it was possible to torment the opponent.

But the other side wanted to compete in light heavyweight according to MMA rules – up to 93 kg. I think that Shtyrkov will weigh 103 kg in the fight. He can easily score ten. With 10-ounce gloves, he will be even more dangerous, especially in the first two and a half rounds.

Shtyrkov himself confirmed that he agreed with Ismailov the weight of 93 kg, although in MMA he usually did 93.5: “I had to dry it from above. I am grateful to Maga that he again drove me into this rigid framework. I had to go through a full racing period.”

What did the fighters say about participating in boxing matches?

Ivan Shtyrkov emphasized  the difference in mental attitude: “There is no jitters before this fight. Everything is calm and good. I say again that this confrontation is a little out of the ordinary, I am an MMA fighter, and boxing is already a hobby that has appeared due to the demands of the modern audience and a professional show.

It’s just that the mental component is a little different. You understand that you are here for the show, for the sake of the score, and the result will not affect your professional career. And when I fight in MMA, I understand that every defeat can throw me back, affect the result. Therefore, these are slightly different things in my head.”

Magomed Ismailov compared  boxing and MMA from the financial point of view: “They are both profitable, but as it turned out, in this case, boxing is more profitable for me … Both sports are difficult. Boxing is no less difficult – imagine being beaten, but you can’t get in the leg. On the other hand, in boxing you were hit, you can sit on your knee, they will give you 10 seconds to recover.

Ismailov promised swings and won by decision of the judges: “There are no losers in this fight”

The fight between Ismailov and Shtyrkov was held according to the rules of boxing: 10 ounce gloves, six rounds of three minutes each, weight category – 93 kg. Both fighters successfully made weight.

Ismailov does not have a boxing base, but he continues to develop in this direction. In 2022, Ismailov made his debut as a boxer in an exhibition fight against Olanrevaju Durodol, and then defeated Alexander Ilic – he won everywhere by unanimous decision.

Before the fight with Shtyrkov, Ismailov spoke about the opponent’s strength: “I think that Ivan will be more dangerous in boxing. Because in MMA somehow I proceeded from my wrestling qualities. Yes, I translated it a couple of times, but it was quite difficult to keep it there. And most of the time the fight took place in the stance, but there were also legs, and there were non-standard strikes.