March 22, 2023

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“They all make fun of you, go home.” It seems that the reserve referee really offended Jose

Roma are fighting for a place in the Champions League, so the defeat from the main outsider of the season, Cremonese, did not fit into the plans at all. And Jose Mourinho generally saw from the coaching position only one of the two halves.

He left immediately after the break. Even then it was clear that Jose would become the protagonist of the post-match showdown.

Mourinho had a fight with the referee out of the blue

Roma defender Maras Kumbula has fallen after colliding with Cremonese player Frank Tsaju. Mourinho didn’t like it. And the judge did not like his reaction. The result is a red card.

Jose was really angry in earnest.

After the match, Mourinho explained that he reacted so violently because of “serious statements” against him from the reserve referee Marco Serra. According to him, the chief referee Marco Piccinini showed red after a signal from his assistant.

Serra is a liar. Perhaps as a referee he will be the next Rocky, Collina or Rosetti, but as a person I respect him as much as he respected me. Do you want to know what happened? An absolutely normal episode, similar to 50 others, when the fourth referee usually tells the coach to remain calm, sit down. I’m emotional, but not crazy.

He lacked the honesty to tell me what and how he said to me, causing my reaction. He spoke to me in an inappropriate way. After the match, I told him: “I want you to tell me honestly about everything.” But he has memory lapses, he forgot,” Mourinho said of Serra. He added that he was considering filing a lawsuit.

Wow! What did Serra say?

The Italians found in the broadcast a frame with his words to Mourinho and translated them approximately as: “They are all mocking you, go home.” Probably, the word “mock” sounded ruder. Another version: “Mind your own business.” This expression was after Mourinho’s reaction to the clash of players.

The Italian Football Federation has already launched an investigation into the conflict – it will hear evidence from Mourinho and Serra.

Another quote about Turin

Jose wouldn’t be Jose if he didn’t come up with something memorable. “Serra is from Turin, but I don’t think that’s the point here,” he said. At first glance, it is not very clear what Turin has to do with it – in the table between Juventus and Roma, even after this defeat, there are as many as nine points. “Torino” – even further.

But Mourinho clarified: “I don’t want to get into the fact that we are playing Juventus on Sunday. I hate to miss a game like this.”

Yes, Roma will host Juventus on Sunday, March 5 (22:45 Moscow time). And because of this removal, the head coach of Roma will miss the match.

But that is not all. Mourinho flew into the referees!

“[Mourinho is suspended] for challenging the referee’s decision in a strong and provocative manner in the second minute of the second half, and acting in the same way during the suspension,” Serie A said in a statement. “In addition, he entered the referee’s room and addressed to the fourth referee with offensive language and assumptions after the end of the match.

The result – a ban for two matches.

Mourinho retired in time – his assistant had just served his suspension

Jose Salvatore Foti’s assistant was suspended for a month just after the game with Cremonese (for the Cup), but he recently left the ban and is ready to steer in the home match against Turin.

Surprising: Cremonese won only three times in a season – in the league and Cup, and twice – against Roma

Most recently, we wrote about the FIFA The Best Fair Play Award for Georgian Cremonese defender Luka Lochoshvili, who is on the only team in the top 5 leagues that hasn’t won a championship this season.

He saved an opponent from death, received an order – and now also the prize of The Best. Why was Georgian Luka Lochoshvili awarded?

And this was corrected the next day, even though Lochoshvili sat on the bench. Cremonese opened the scoring in the 17th minute – Tsadzhu scored, and having conceded in the second half from Spinazzola, scored the winning goal in the 83rd – Ciofani scored from the penalty spot.

This happened on the last day of February. And in the first – “Cremonese” beat “Roma” in the Cup away. Then, too, there was a penalty (Dessers scored), but the guests doubled the score thanks to Celik’s own goal and only got a goal from Belotti on 90 + 4.

February 1 – 2:1 over Roma, February 28 – 2:1 over Roma. So far, this is the whole history of Cremonese’s victories in the season, except for 4:2 over Modena from Serie B in the same Cup.

Roma are very close to the Champions League zone, but the defeat is very sensitive

“The last thing I told the players before the game was to imagine that this is the last game of the season: if we lose or draw, we will be in the Europa League, and if we win, we will be in the Champions League. We didn’t win,” Mourinho confessed after the game.

Roma are fifth after 24 rounds, one point behind Lazio and three behind Inter and AC Milan. Of course, the whole struggle is still ahead, and three places are still vacant.

But March will not be easy at all – in addition to two matches in the Europa League against Real Sociedad, Roma will have to play in the championship with Juventus, Sassuolo and Lazio. In a month, the prospects for the fight for a place in the Champions League will become a little clearer.