June 7, 2023

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“They’ve been raped, they should be silent.” Roman derby flared for 5 removals

Bowley was asked what he thought of Chelsea’s draw against Everton. The club owner’s answer consisted of only three words

Bowley was asked what he thought of Chelsea’s draw against Everton. The club owner’s answer consisted of only three words

Jose had a fight with the boss of Lazio, even with disqualification.

The Roman derby turned the lawn into lava. And it’s not even about goals and chances – we’ll just record that Lazio won 1-0. There were three penalties on the field, a couple more off, plus a few poignant quotes after.

The arbitrator removed both during the game and after. Reds flew even to the staff

Roma remained in the minority already in the 32nd minute. Roger Ibanez received a second yellow card: he handled the ball poorly and cut down Sergei Milinkovic-Savic. Before that, he knocked down Anderson on the yellow.

At the end of the half it became very hot: Pedro provoked a conflict between the benches. The experienced Spaniard angered one of the Roma staff, they immediately boiled over, and then the Lazio reserve players came running. As a result, referee Davide Massa gave the Roma coaches a red card.

In the second half, Mattia Zaccagni skillfully rolled the ball into the far corner, and at the end they gave out two more removals. Already after the final whistle, Adam Marusic (Lazio) and Brian Cristante (Roma) received a red card.

Total: five reds (total with staff), eight yellows(four per team) and only one goal.

Noise after the game: Jose had a fight with the president of Lazio, and Alberto rudely sent Roma away

Emotions just warmed up.

Jose Mourinho was serving a suspension, but this did not stop him from verbally grappling with Lazio president Claudio Lotito. After the match, the Portuguese came to the locker room to chat with the team.

And when he came out, he drew attention to the conflict between Gianluca Mancini and Luis Alberto. Lazio defender Alessio Romagnoli and club boss Claudio Lotito were also nearby: they tried to calm the players.

“What are you watching?” Mourinho said to Lotito.

“What are you looking at? I am the president of Lazio. Who are you? You’re disqualified too, you don’t belong here.”Claudio replied.

Luis Alberto, the winner, was blunt.

Surely the conflict only provoked him: “When you talk a lot before the game, and then you lose, you can only be silent. They talked too much before the match. They always talk a lot before a derby but this time they got fucked so they have to keep quiet. Everything is simple. Roma didn’t play football in the derby. They came out to chat and provoke.