March 22, 2023

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Things are getting worse for Dani Alves: huge tax debts have been revealed, the former club is demanding 5 million for breaking the contract, and the property has been arrested

Golovin’s technical assist: put the defender down with feints and rolled out into an empty net

Golovin’s technical assist: put the defender down with feints and rolled out into an empty net

According to El Confidencial, citing official documents, Alves, who is now in custody on charges of raping a woman in a nightclub, owes 2.25 million euros. Municipal authorities seized his share in the mansion, 50% of the rights to which belong to Alves’ ex-wife. The Brazilian also owns an apartment of 60.5 square meters, which was arrested in March last year.

Alves’ lawyer’s main argument in favor of the release was his “family, economic and business” roots in Spain, but three of his five companies were liquidated between 2019 and 2021.

The publication notes that the financial condition of Alves was also affected by the termination of cooperation with a number of sponsors after the arrest.

In addition, the Brazilian’s last club, Mexican Pumas, is demanding $5 million in compensation from Dani Alves for breach of contract.

On January 20, the day of his detention, Pumas management sent an email to Alves announcing the termination of the contract and notifying him of the desire to receive compensation.

The Mexican club cites a clause in the treaty that punishes doping problems, participation in “any scandal that becomes public” or “any act that is considered a crime under the laws of the country in which it took place.” The club believes that the Alves case is of the third type, and therefore requires financial compensation.

Dani Alves' wife breaks silence after he is arrested over sexual assault allegations – Mirror Online

The only good news in recent days was the news that Joana Sans, the wife of Dani Alves, was able to visit the footballer in prison.

Initially, the ex-player of the Brazilian national team refused to visit his wife, but on Sunday she managed to visit him. She was accompanied by Bruno Brazil, a friend of Alves, who was with him at the club.

“I won’t leave him at the worst moment of his life,” Sanz told the press.