March 22, 2023

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We are looking for Dziuba club from Medialeague: 2Drots, Tamo Junto or Amkal

UEFA is changing the selection scheme for the Euro – to make it “less predictable”. And the European Union will not be expanded yet

UEFA is changing the selection scheme for the Euro – to make it “less predictable”. And the European Union will not be expanded yet

There is a chance to play in the rhombus of Spartak.

One of the intrigues of the winter transfer window is which club Artem Dzyuba will go to. Recently, we fantasized about options from professional football, but it is possible that Artem will reach the Medialiga.

“Dzyuba jokes great and would be perfect for the Medialiga,” said German El Clasico, the founder of Amkal. By the way, Dziuba would hardly have chosen Amkal – there are more interesting options for him.

Broke Boys

The Brokes are a rare, truly conceptual media team. Bright players gather here who did not succeed in big clubs: due to injuries, bad reputation or conflicts. The ideal brock is a colorful football player with a background in media or professional football who will interest the viewer.

Dzyuba is an ideal option (and not only because almost all RPL clubs have now abandoned it). Artem has been an absolute “broke” throughout his career: Spartak didn’t need him twice and left to prove in Tom and Rostov, from Zenit he went on loan to Tula to convince Roberto Mancini and Stanislav Cherchesov. Brookes is a chance to repeat Artem’s favorite narrative: take MFL-3, score 10-15 and return to the RPL.


Dziuba’s transfer to the “samurai” is boring. A strong player goes to the most powerful team in the league, scores a bunch of goals and wins everything. But in such a transition there will be an additional plot, because Artem and 2Drots have a common enemy.

In 2019, after an away match, drunk Amkal players were walking around the city and suddenly started chanting “Op, come on, come on. Send Dziuba #####. One of the media players even climbed onto the bus stop and shouted from there. The process was filmed on video and ended up on social networks, after which Dziuba banned half of Amkal on Instagram. Even Artem Nechaev, who did not sing, but simply stood nearby, got a hit. As it turned out later, Nechaev should have stopped his partners. Did not stop – ban.

Did Dziuba forget the offense? Absolutely not.

Cartridge 2Drots Nekit declared 2022 “the year of ###### Amkala”. Dziuba is the best way to continue the tradition in 2023.

SD Family

Throughout his career, Dzyuba dreams of playing abroad. After the 2018 World Cup, he even turned to the agency of Jorge Mendes for a transfer to Tottenham. It didn’t work out, Artem’s only foreign experience was three months in Turkey.

Kazakhstani SD Family is the perfect chance to close the gestalt. SD will become for Dziuba the same as for Ronaldo – Al-Nasr, and for Arshavin – Kairat. Local fans know and love Artem, they will carry him in their arms. Does Dziuba need something else?

FC “10”

In early November, Dziuba and Adana Demirspor announced the termination of the contract. From that moment on, Artem twice managed to look at the YouTube channel “Plyushki” to the comedian Bogdan Lisevsky: once solo, the second – in a pair with Slutsky. It turned out cool: Artem easily supported the jokes and even got a pendal. A good reminder that Dzyuba has comedic talent.

The team of comedians at Labelcom is the perfect place to develop your skills. Musagaliev and Dorokhov will select a suitable comedy role for Artem and launch a YouTube show, and Dzyuba will drag the top ten to the playoffs of the Media League.