March 22, 2023

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“We don’t talk.” Hazard has missed 70+ matches, hasn’t been out since January and hasn’t spoken to Ancelotti

13 years ago, CSKA reached the 1/4 finals of the Champions League. The decisive goal of Sevilla was scored by a newcomer to the Slutsky team

13 years ago, CSKA reached the 1/4 finals of the Champions League. The decisive goal of Sevilla was scored by a newcomer to the Slutsky team

Every month is sadder.

Eden Hazard reminded of himself, but in a rather specific way. In an interview with RTBF, the Belgian spoke about his relationship with Carlo Ancelotti. As it turns out, there are practically none. However, as well as playing time, Hazard played only a little more than an hour in a cup match in 2023.

Hazard and Ancelotti – what they said about each other

What did Azar say?

“There is respect between us [with Ancelotti]. But I won’t say that we talk to each other. Because we don’t talk. But there will always be respect. Even if he won’t let me out.”

And here is Ancelotti’s answer: “We don’t have a cool relationship, but Hazard is telling the truth: we really don’t communicate much. The main thing for me is that he respects me, and I respect him.”

Carlo added that Hazard does not play because of the high competition – for example, Vinicius shines in his position.

As for the future, Azar believes that there is no talk of a transfer yet: “The only thing I think about is the game. That’s why I don’t even think about leaving. Deep down, I feel like I can bring something [to the team].”

Ancelotti replied dryly: “Next season I will count on those whom the club puts at my disposal.”

Did you catch the tension too? 

And how was it before? First respect and hope, and then misunderstanding

Everything started beautifully.

• “I think together we will achieve great things. We don’t know each other personally, but I heard that he is a very nice person who just wants to win,” Hazard welcomed Ancelotti’s appointment to Real Madrid the summer before last.

Under the Italian, he got a place in the squad, although he fell out due to injuries. Ancelotti praised the player, but noted in the fall of 2021: “You need to be careful with him, because he had injuries in the past. It’s not easy for him to play two games in a row.” Marca gave positive insights: the coach believes in the Belgian and his ability to play a key role in the team.

• The tone shifted slightly in the following months, with Ancelotti hinting at what Hazard lacked: “He doesn’t have star status in the team as he missed a lot of matches due to injuries. He needs to be patient because sometimes the coach chooses other players.” Moreover, he gave such a comparison: “Who thought that Mariano would succeed? And he came and took the chance. Hazard should do the same, even if he doesn’t play or plays little.”

• At the beginning of 2022, Marca wrote that Ancelotti was no longer counting on Hazard. This was confirmed by the fact that Eden did not play a minute in two matches of the Spanish Super Cup. At the start of the 2021/22 season, the Belgian had appeared only once by that time. A new Marca insider claimed that Hazard considers Ancelotti’s attitude unfair, but does not show discontent in the locker room. At the same time, in one of the matches, even Bale laughed at the situation when Hazard warmed up during the game, and then was sent back to the bench.

• In May, both were suddenly lit up with optimism. “I’m sure next year will be mine,” Hazard said. “I think he will have playing minutes next season,” agreed Ancelotti. In July, the coach liked the player’s work in training, he periodically released him at the beginning of the season. In the fall, Hazard scored in the Champions League. Will there be any breakthrough?