March 26, 2023

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We evaluate the main transfers of the Premier League: how will Enzo and Mudrik fit in, should Zabarny take off, who are the main gifts for coaches?

Varane retired from the French national team at the age of 29. Tired

Varane retired from the French national team at the age of 29. Tired

In winter, Premier League clubs spent 930 million euros on transfers alone (data from Deloitte). This is three and a half times the spending of the rest of the top 5 leagues:

It seems that this argument can be limited to explain why we break the transfer results into two parts – about the Premier League and about the rest of the leagues separately. Now we will discuss the most intriguing transitions to English clubs. Then we will deal with transfers to the leagues, for which Javier Tebas had no questions.

By tradition, transitions are divided into types. For a sequence, prices are indicated by Transfermarkt (in particular cases, you can find more accurate sources, but with a large coverage and for a rough estimate, TM is quite suitable).


Chelsea-style: expensive but potentially powerful

Chelsea’s signature move in the Todd Bowley era has already led UEFA to consider changing contract length rules (detailed here ). The team is ready to pay a huge amount for a young player, which includes not only the current level, but also the potential. The player is offered a categorically long-term contract (7-8.5 years), in accounting, depreciation is stretched over the term of the contract, which at the moment makes the transfer seem not so expensive, but extremely risky if the player does not play.

Under a policy that could be described as “deliberate overpayment” or “controlled overpayment” – that’s how Todd Bowley probably sees his actions – Chelsea choose really great players with great potential.

Enzo Fernandez (Benfica v Chelsea; €121m)

Fernandez is a midfielder with no weaknesses. He plays at an excellent level and the only defensive midfielder, and the eight, and in the double center. Enzo is perhaps a little more comfortable leading the game as the team’s deepest midfielder, but he can do any job.

In this context, Chelsea gets an extremely valuable strengthening of the problem area. First, it is a powerful tool in the fight against permanent injuries. Secondly, its versatility is perfect for Graham Potter’s flirtation with different schemes.

Minus – the price tag of Fernandez expectedly flew into space. He had a grand group stage of the Champions League with Benfica, and then became the world champion with Argentina. The overpayment was inevitable. As a result, Benfica, which bought it in the summer, had almost 77 million profits in just six months. Of course, at this time, Enzo did not become three times better as a player, and the price increased by about that proportion.