March 27, 2023

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We stood and talked. The Sevilla goalkeeper skillfully fought off the fan who attacked him

I had to take it apart.

In the first match of the playoffs of the Europa League, Sevilla beat PSV 3-0 at home. The second leg in Eindhoven turned out to be dramatic: PSV scored the first goal in the 77th minute, tried to organize a pile on the Spaniards’ goal, scored the second in the 95th minute, but the Dutch did not have enough for more. Next up is Sevilla.

When the chief referee of the match, Daniele Orsato, gave the final whistle, a fan suddenly ran onto the field and purposefully ran towards the Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovich. The duet’s conversation came out very short – the Serb easily flunked the attacker on the lawn and waited for the stewards.

At some point, the goalkeeper became so carried away that not only Sevilla players, but also PSV had to intervene.