June 7, 2023

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Who took the Champions League with a change of coach during the season? Both Bayern and Tuchel have already succeeded

Who most of all sat in the reserve from the field? Serie A captured the top, the main cans are the defenders

Who most of all sat in the reserve from the field? Serie A captured the top, the main cans are the defenders

The main event of the pause for international matches is the sudden dismissal of Julian Nagelsmann from Bayern and the appointment of Thomas Tuchel.

The new coach logically announced that he wants to fight for three trophies: the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League: “We have to start from the starting position that Nagelsmann created with the team, we have a chance to win trophies in all three tournaments.

Of course there is a risk. But we like pressure and stress. My love for football is much stronger than any fears. It’s about a confident approach to the task – we want to be contenders for all three trophies.

And how many times has the Champions League been won by a team that changed coaches during the season? We took a look at all the champions since 1992 (the new era of the tournament) – there are 5 cases when a new coach instantly took the Champions League. 

• Bayern themselves pulled off such a stunt in 2019/20. Kovacs was replaced by Hansi Flick and took all possible trophies in the first season – the championship, the cup, and the Champions League.

• Real Madrid and Chelsea succeeded twice each. In Madrid, coaches came during the season and then stayed for several years: Del Bosque worked 4 seasons, Zidane – 2 full seasons.

Di Matteo came in March but held out until November of that year. Thomas Tuchel worked for the next season, but then Todd Bowley replaced him with Graham Potter.

Flick worked for another full season before leaving for the German national team himself.

• Thomas Tuchel already has championship experience. But then the German came to Chelsea in January. The appointment to Bayern happened on March 24 – only Di Matteo came in March and took the Champions League. Later, there were no champion reshuffles.