March 22, 2023

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Why Liverpool deflated – investigating the mystery of the year plus a preview of the first round of the Champions League

Mazepin – Nevsky of the world of racing: advice to the stars who left F-1, a cup named after himself, a third own team

Mazepin – Nevsky of the world of racing: advice to the stars who left F-1, a cup named after himself, a third own team

The latest release of Poroshin and Lukomsky’s podcast.

After a long separation, the Doctor and the Patient meet to unravel the biggest mystery of the season: what happened to Liverpool. We call Alexei Yaroshevsky and Nikita Vasyukhin for help. The battle of “physicists” and “clerics”, Klopp’s “doppelgänger” and other pleasant perversions. Is Klopp still not a coward?

In the second part of the issue – the transfer window of Chelsea and a preview of the matches of 1/8 of the Champions League. Are you bored?

0:00 About the life of the podcast coming soon.

01:16 Doctor and Patient exchange fresh football impressions. Brighton De Zerbi and Alanyaspor Farioli. Juve’s new slogan.

10:02  The Doctor and the Patient are invited to watch the match between Leipzig and Man City on February 22 in the Sever bar in Moscow.

12:57 The main mystery of the season. We are talking about Liverpool’s shapeshifting with Alexei Yaroshevsky.

17:25 Was it possible to foresee the events of this season and is it worth kicking Klopp in the neck?

19:49 What is really happening at Liverpool? Six-year battle of ideologies: “physicists” and “clerics”. Doppelgänger Klopp.

27:45 Digression: Patient and osteopath.

29:35 The importance of running in Klopp’s pre-season. Injuries. The ill-fated “Asian tour”.

39:59 Changes in the medical staff of Liverpool. Surprise: the head doctor of the team is not a dentist (surprised together with the Doctor)!

43:42 What is Klopp’s fault? conspiracy theories.

55:08 We call on the exorcist: Nikita Vasyukhin, an analyst of the Sabah football club, is in touch. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. TAA Mystery.

1:10:30 Prospects for the confrontation between Liverpool and Real Madrid in the 1/8 Champions League from the point of view of Nikita.

1:12:09 The doctor diagnoses the sick Liverpool. A turning point against Brighton. Change of scheme, pressure, problems without the ball.

1:20:30 Was Klopp a coward? The obvious is the incredible.

1:23:26 Teamwork issues: “Klopp’s eleven (starting) friends.”

1:27:23 Who is to blame and what to do with Liverpool’s central midfield?

1:30:01 Acquisitions in recent transfer windows: Nunes, Artur, Gakpo.

1:45:05 Liverpool v Real Madrid: what should Klopp do to move on? “Standing at Anfield”.

1:49:22 English football and rare forms of pleasant perversions. Mat in football. Giving more context (and depth).

1:56:59 Chelsea radical update.

2:08:08 Let’s move on to the Champions League. Borussia Dortmund – Chelsea. Is Dortmund a favourite? Problems with positional attack. What do Potter and Terzic have in common?

2:18:26 Jorginho’s escape on foot from Chelsea to Arsenal.

2:19:11 The most elegant couple: PSG – Bayern. Cameo Levon. The lowest point under Galtier at PSG. Availability of leaders.

2:29:06 Guess the brightest winter MOT transition according to the Doctor! Two people who understood the joke – write in the comments if you are still with us.

2:32:05 The most modest sign of the 1/8 Champions League: Club Brugge – Benfica. Belgian football specialist Artem Prozhoga is in touch. Loss of Enzo Fernandez to Benfica.

2:46:09 Milan – Tottenham. The second mystery of this season: what happened to Milan? Prospects for Leau as Mudrik’s stunt double.

2:56:23 Eintracht – Napoli. Juve cosplays a team from Frankfurt.

3:00:24 Inter – Porto. A bewitching center of the field at Inter without Brozovic. Vulnerabilities of both teams.

03:05:00 Leipzig – Man City. Come – together we will figure out who the real bald charlatan is.