March 27, 2023

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“Winter in the heart, wings in the soul.” Cup match in Samara is the football of my dreams

Torres, Sneijder and a duet from Russia: Top 10 lit up before 20 years old, went out before 30

Torres, Sneijder and a duet from Russia: Top 10 lit up before 20 years old, went out before 30

Musical report from the special match between Krylia and CSKA.  

It is a great happiness to go to football and for a moment feel personal happiness there. Not from the victory of your favorite team (especially since Krylia and CSKA tied). And not from its passage further (ahead of the second match of these energetic rivals). But simply because at the moment of the game you felt: “This football match was invented and organized for me, among other things.”

This feeling reverberated through me much more than 90 minutes in Samara, which included four goals, sharp plot twists and Glenn Bale’s kung fu goal, which was canceled after the goal was recognized as the most elegant in the history of the FONBET Cup of Russia. Or when, from his own free-kick, both the cross and the chairs under the Samara fans cracked. Or the uncontrollable whirlwinds of CSKA’s attack – which exploded after each unexpected pass from Medina and responded with express attacks with a minimum of touches and a maximum of danger.  

 Now let’s move on to personal happiness. It happened because I felt special at a special match – what can I say – a special tournament. When the spectators – standing and en masse – saw off the team with the kindest sports word in Russian: “Well done.” Among them, during the game, children’s voices were heard: “Well, please, Wings, score one more.” And at the same time, everyone who came not only watched football, but also participated in a good deed (1 fan = 100 rubles to help special children from the Dream Wings team). The result is more than a million rubles (1,036,400, to be exact) of DobroFon shares and a warming feeling of belonging to something good.  

We add the opportunity to warmly and tastefully prepare for the game: spectators in the covered part of the stadium were offered mulled wine and sweet waffles, the female team of the Wings signed cards and took pictures with the fans, and the musicians tuned in for a brave match with a not at all sad saxophone. 


More music has come to the football world. A recognizable melody from the song “Winter in the Heart”, which was originally sung by Eva Polna, and recently covered – and refreshed for new listeners – by the group “My Michel”. Among these listeners were the young players of the Wings: the team traditionally put on the song after victories and on holidays, and it was the Dutchman Bale who enjoyed it the most. “This is a simple song to sing and understand in Russian,” the defender simply explained . “Plus it’s great for parties.”